Which plane was the most economically efficient?

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Feb 4, 2005
I wonder which type of plane did the most bang for less bucks in the air war? Was it the Polikarpov Po-2/U-2 or something else?


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If your going to name the Lysander, you gotta name the Storch. The grunts would probably name the L-3 Grasshopper.


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the lizzie is by no means the same as the storch or L-4, they're more comparable to the Auster Series, but none of them played a huge part in the war, other than in the communications role, and i think the lizzie is up there, along with the mossie.........
What about those Yak-fighters? The Russians focused the production of those plane in great number by adjusting the assembly as simple as possible, make the plane simply and whit low cost of resource from the nation. Those fighters must have give a high combat-results whit lowest cost as possible in use, maintinant and production during combat compare to others ww2-fighterplane.
The Lysander certainly was quite a large sophisticated machine and must have been expensive to produce, the Storch less so but it was still a sophisticated machine. In this group the L4 would take my vote.

If we are talking about in the war then I agree that the C47 would take some beating. Already in production on a commercial basis pre war, increase production by a factor of I don't know how many hundreds to get economy of scale and you have the C47.

If we are talking warplane then the Hurricane gets my vote. Simple in structure, and design, based on the technology of the Fury and with ease of production in mind it must have been one of the cheapest front line warplanes of the war.

If you want to take a punt at the most expensive for the buck then I would go for the Waco Glider. Did you know one of those cost more than a P51 or P47? Someone made a fortune out of producing those.
that Po-2 = death !

have you chaps considered any of the single engine German bi-planes that did so much on the Ost front especially with the night ground attack units or the Sea service ?

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