Why the 'Dislike this post' button?

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There ya go Dave, just for you mate :)

Sooo... if you can thank someone for a 'like', is there a 'f*** you' button for a dislike..? (I'll get you yet Chris my friend! :) )
Evan, you rock, buddy!

I have also learned a very interesting fact: If you nail someone with a dislike, it takes their bacon away for the day!!

How utterly evil is that?? :evil4:
Can we replace the "Dislike" button with an "Argument" button so we know when there's a good scrap going on? Ofcourse we'd probably need 2 buttons, one for the 15-minute argument and one for the full half-hour!

I'll get me coat...
NOW...where's your bacon??

bwah hah hah hah :evil4:


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