Wildcat wrecked

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May 20, 2023
Duxford UK, Grumman FM-2 wrecked, pilot serious.

Glad the pilot's ok and hope the aircraft can be repaired. While the damage is extensive, it seems repairable to my uneducated eyes.

Hadn't realised the pilot was John Romain. He's a remarkable dude. As a teenager (early teens) he started working on the "Blenheim to the Skies" project, being mentored by one of the old engine fitters to entirely overhaul the Bristol Mercury. When the old guy passed away (he was a WW2 veteran), John rebuilt the second engine on his own. He then got his pilot's licence, twin rating, display licence, and ultimately became the display pilot for the Blenheim. He then progressed as the display pilot for numerous other warbirds.

Really, REALLY glad he's ok and has been released from hospital.
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Source Man airlifted to hospital following plane crash days before country fair

I am also glad that it appears the Pilot is alright, but "head Injuries" covers a lot of situations from minor to sever.

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