WW2 Mics. Vehicles

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Very cool Trackend, my grandfather always had regrets for WWII. He joined the navy but for some reason never got out of Chicago and he didnt even get out to sea. They stationed him in the fire house in Chicago's military base. Funny how war works.
That in no way decries's your grandads service Mic and he should be as proud as any other guy in the forces he was prepared to do what was called of him that is what any service man does. The posting especially during wartime is not under his control so you should be very proud of you grandads service, the war was not just won by guys with one up the spout and a bayonet without all the back room support both military and civilian the war could not have been won.
Thank your grandad for me please without guys like him I doubt if I would have even been born. (not the right blood line for Adolf I fear)
Thanks guys, I will. Ive tried many time's to tell him that but I think part of it is because most of his buddies got to go and he got side lined. Im sure some of them never made it back. Some body had to stay home and train and protect the rest. Ive always had repect for him and his service and the main reason I joined the Navy. But Im sure it still was hard for him in that situation.

Thanks again guys.
Picture of a flak battery with some unual art work. Picture found on ebay.


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Unusual artwork = kill markings

Very true but take a closer look, One is surely a twin engine which could represent a bomber. But then you also have two different single engine aircraft. Why two different single engine aircraft? If one represent say American aircraft and the second British aircraft that may explain it. Then there is the fish or whale. Does it represent a sea plane? If not what would it represent? To me they are unusual. Most kills Ive seen for this stuff are representive by bands or some other way and they all looked alike, aircraft type did not matter.
Maybe a good crew able to distinguish between single engined fighters and single-engines ground attack aircraft like Il-2 ?
Ive added a couple of more tank manuals on the first page with the rest of the manuals. One on the Valintine tank and the other on the Sherman. Both manuals are in russian though there are lots of pictures of the break down on the tank for a modeler. The Sherman one needs DjVu viewer software to look at.

Looks like a barrage balloon to me...
Maybe an observation balloon with a camera in it .... ?

Very possible, Ive never seen the markings before. More questions then answer's with this picture. It is a interesting picture thats for sure.
Thanks a lot, Micdrow!
Excellent material, I have had time only to look a few, but special thanks for the Sea Coast Searchlight, Panther and Valentine manuals.


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