WW2 Mics. Vehicles

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Im not sure if any one is still interested in this thread but added a manual on the duck and 4 part document on german divsion emblems.

Its worth keeping info on here as you would be suprised how many guys use this site as a souce for reference

Thanks Track, They wont be deleted. I just didnt know if people where still interested in this stuff or if I should keep uploading more as I find them. :D
What a resource you have provided us here.................... KEEP ADDING. We should all bookmark this posting.
One thing just made me squeal like a girl, "not really" he says one octave lower, was "vehicle painting! It has lessons at sign painting, screen printing and spray painting!!!!!!!! Being an old sign painter, some airplanes and a couple of the Reno Mustangs it just made me smile. I have a friend in the LA area who served in Viet Nam In the US Army, he was assigned to making some "signs". Turned out to be his calling. Is still painting them! Good work mate, keep adding for us. Bill
Thanks Bill, I will try to keep adding more but it gets harder and harder the more I add. It is a great referance though and hopfully more will be able enjoy this along with the rest of the archives.

Thanks again

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