Yellow Wing Leading Edges

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Apr 12, 2005
Does anyone know why the leading edges of a lot of Japanese aircraft were painted yellow along a portion of the wing?
Thanks to all for the input. I later found a site dealing with paint schemes that also listed that as the reason.

If anyone knows of a good site listing Japanese aircraft markings with illustrations of Group, Squadron, and Flight insignias etc. I'd love to have it.

I'm trying to determine the time, place, ownership and other particulars for some of the aircraft I've posted on this site. There doesn't appear to be much, or as much, info on Japanese aircraft.

If you can find a copy of "Emblems of the Rising Sun" by Peter Scott
you might want to get it. It covers Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Unit Markings.
Thanks Knight_74!!

Found the book (which is "out of print" by-the-way) at for $21.95 to $26.95. Will get myself a copy.

Isn't this Internet the best thing since sliced bread? I just love tapping into the collective mind of the world. What an information bank!
A bit out of date, and just a thought, but interesting that the british used the same yellow markings for a while, just on the outer portion of the leading edge instead of the inner.
I don't think so, I think it was only used in the European theatre.
I'm not sure about Burma, but SEAC Spitfires had white stripes on the wings and tail ( like a single invasion band running from the leading to the trailing edge, in the centre portion of the wing). The tail band I think was originally full length, later shortened to stop at the rudder.

Unfortunately don't know too much about SEAC markings, so can't offer anything more specific (they seem to have used a variety of roundels for example), but no doubt someone will come up with something. Any takers?

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