Your War Movie Script

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I would like to see a movie, done in a style like Band of Brothers showing the American's story AND the Japanese story of the Rabaul Harbor or the Solomon Island campaign. Maybe 10 minutes of one side, then 10 minutes of the other side. 6 to 8 hour long episodes.

Tom Hanks would be the director.
Slightly off-topic, but someone mentioned an upcoming Tom Cruise (bleah) WW2 movie. I checked it out on IMDB, its gonna be about the attempted Hitler assassination. Due out in '09. Here's the link to IMDB, but from what I can tell, there's no mention of either Skorzeny or Rommel, dangit.

Valkyrie (2009)

ETA: We need a biography ("Patton" style!) on either Otto Skorzeny, or Erwin Rommel. Skorzeny was a Nazi, Rommel was not, but you gotta respect their uncanny abilities to get the job done in spite of all that Hitler did to encourage them to fail!

And PB....if you have a name for that series...I'd love to try to find it somewhere!
Faith Hope and Charity the 3 Gladiators defending Malta alone for 17 days against the Italian Air Force and the efforts to improve and maintain them in this unequal fight

That would be my choice.. I've always wanted to see a good film about that.
That would be my choice.. I've always wanted to see a good film about that.
I think its an amazing story the ground crew assembled the aircraft were not familiar with the type the aircrew was scrounged from various places none were operational pilots and were unfamiliar with aircraft as were the groundcrew and between the 3 aircraft were able to launch at least 2 for over 100 raids .Replacing the engines in 48hours with a different model engine all the pumps and intakes had to be modified and all with improvised tools
For my second war movie (and I give credit to Matt308 in another thread for the idea)....

The title....

"Ploesti - Medal of Honor Mission"

And I guarantee that Alec Baldwin won't be in it! :)

A movie in the style of Band of Brothers only about a German unit on all fronts instead, and based entirely on veteran accounts, I'd love that.

Also a movie about the 18th 19th century naval battles would be nice,so far there hasn't been any great film about this.
I thought "Master and Commander" did a good job, Soren. Thought it was excellent.

For other eras would love to see a movie on the Zeebrugge operation of WWI.
Besides the start of the film Master Commander is boring IMO. I'd like to see some longer battle sequences and larger battle featuring several to a hundred ships, showcasing naval strategies abit more.

PS: A new film like The last of the Mohicans (Which is one of my favorite films) would be great as well. Some redcoats, frenchmen and indians blooding it out :)
With today's CG, any epic battle will be much better visually that a movie made 30 years ago. Kursk, Midway, D-Day, or even a 1000 bomber raid.
I know it's bending the rules as it's already been done, but I'd make a Battle of Britain film. Except this time, with the help of CG it could be far more accurate in that you could have 110s, JU 88s, Blenheims etc in the air. I'd focus more on one squadron and their small scale battles in a bigger conflict. I'd also make sure to show how Bomber Command attacked German invasion barges as it's something that seems to have been forgotten. It could all climax with the daylight raid on London and the Hurricane pilot who rammeda Do 17 out of the air.

Even got a name for it -The Few. Not sure who would star in it, but they would NOT all be upper class and speak with the Queen's English. So no Hugh Grant then! Also, no daft romantic subplot
WW2 tank battles could be made to look very realistic and impressive with modern CGI. (I for one loath those blackpowder effects usually used when a tank fires its main gun in movies)
amovie on the Batle of Crete might be interesting, told from both sides POV. I would have thought a combined british and German director, and no english speaking for the german actors
I actually worked an a "treatment" ( a script outline) with my cousin many years ago about Dick Bong and Tom McGuire, their time together in the PTO, Lindbergh, ace race, ect. and their untimely deaths.
Great idea for a thread this!

Some of these have already been mentioned but as a theme i would like to see:
Kursk (all those tanks mmm...),
Crete (Ju52's approaching Crete with the Mediterranean as a backdrop),
Operation Pedestal (dramatic convoy to Malta),
Operation Bagration (Largest land offensive in History - serious CG possibilities :lol: )
Battle for East Prussia (ugh - could be seriously disturbing)
Finnish Winter War (Many films already made in Finland - but they don't come accross the border so that we can see them :( )

My director would without any doubt be Riddley Scott - He can just give that historical "feel" to his movies.

Actors is tricky - but no english people speaking german/russian or whatever.

German actors: Michael Mendl, André Hennicke, Thomas Kretchmann...
US/UK actors: Harrison Ford, Ed Harris, Clooney...
Russian actors: (dont know any :oops: but their actors are top notch so shouldn't be a problem).

this has also been mentioned - but worth repeating: NO lame romantic subplot.
I"d love to make a movie about these as well, the night attacks from PBY's aka "Black Cats" and the PT boats....
Should be interesting...

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