1/32 Revell Messerschmitt Me 262 B1a/U1

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Good morning my fellow modelers:

Finally this was the weekend when the cabin is almost finished in order to consider closing it with its clear parts.

First, the seatbelts had to be glued and positioned for the crew....
seatbelts 01.jpg

Then the Revi 16b had to be scratch built and in order to construct it, I had to look in my stash box in order to locate several pieces that could help emulate this piece of equipment:
Revi 01.jpg

Revi 02.jpg

And then, it was time to position the gunsight inside the cabin...
Revi 03.jpg

And then, the pilot could finally receive its head back in place, along with the oxygen mask tube as well as the cable for the communicator.....
seatbelts 02.jpg

Some clear window cement for the pilot and bordfunker goggles.....
seatbelts 03.jpg

And guess that´s it for considering closing the cabin after inserting more wiring to the Bordfunker equipment.....
Great detail on that gun sight Gerry. :D
Thank you Vic.

I'm just in the process of finishing the wiring and detailing the cabin interior. Also the cleaning works with Future is needed due that all the previous cleaning, don't know where it went....... can't find them anywhere....:-k

This is the frontal canopy so far...

front cabin 01.jpg

front cabin 02.jpg

And the back canopy:
back cabin 03.jpg

Another task that I want to complete this weekend is the clear acrylic display base. Haven't had the time to finish the design of this piece.... and begin the construction of this base with a MDF base that I found in a hardware store nearby.

Greetings mi amigo


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