1/48 Fw 190A-8 Eduard 1/48 scale

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Some of this is reminiscent of my Eduard Dora Black 6. Lots of filing down of the gun cover (I left one open) and plenty of dry fitting will get you there.
I'm a bit surprised that you seem to be having 'fit' issues? This kit appears to be an early 2000's (2010 new tool?) one, and Eduard would have been producing some sterling kits then? They sure have been keeping their box supplier busy though with all of the re-box released and 'new parts'. Maybe the tooling is wearing?? I've got a ProfiPACK (82139 Fw 190 F-8) that I havent broken the seals on the plastic bags yet. But it is indicated as an 2018 new tool. Keeping up with your issues though, just in case. Don't need any surprises.

Truly going to be the 'orangeish' color? Now that will stand out in the display area!
I'm a bit surprised that you seem to be having 'fit' issues? This kit appears to be an early 2000's (2010 new tool?) one, and Eduard would have been producing some sterling kits then?
They tended to be over-engineered and there were inherent fit issues with some kits, the 190 being a well-documented example. Several have been rectified in new-moulds but others (Bf110, e.g.) still have their niggles. That said, IMHO, they set a new standard for surface textures and detail that others are just now catching up with and others not. I still like them - one of the top makers for me.
Still working on the cockpit. Had to file the tabs of the I.P. as they were too wide and long. Working on the gun deck; no locator tabs and everything needs to be square for this to button up properly. Debating whether or not to have the engine hatches open, such a lovely engine. Now.....I've found three more photos of this aircraft but don't know who to credit so I won't post them. One shows full landing gear covers so that is how I will do it. There is another that is on three different sites, possibly more, so not being sure, I just cropped the area I need info on. In my opening post, the aircraft info said the fan behind the props was white. To me they look yellow as do the landing gear. The prop tips are now yellow. The black wing walk are looks to extend over the leading edge to at least the wheel wells. If the inside of the gear doors are red, might the wheel well be also? What say ye gentlemen?


EDIT: The above cropped photo is on this site as well. The one with full gear covers too


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IMHO the colour of the fan in the colour picture is cause of the poor scan. The B&W images show it as the white but these shots were taken with a yellow filter in my opinion. The clouds in the sky are seen. And therefore the prop blade tips also look like being of the white. So it is very likely the fan could have been of the yellow also used for the blade tips. A note though looking at it quite close up in the colour pictures I would say the red paint could cause its thin deposit while the red coat was applying on the engine cowling and the oil tank. Generally it looks like the "painter" didn't carry of masking and applied the red overall. And this cuased not only the oleos and the wheel bay doors red but also the tail fork. There can be noticed the different colour on the inner side of the wheel mount and the oleo scissor where the part of the wheel bay door was dismounted although the oleo scissor was coloured with the red paint outside as well.




Fw_190A-8_White 11 Wn 681497.jpg

the source: Captured Focke-Wulf Fw 190 USA - Destination's Journey
Possible. But it can be noticed that the pics of her were taken at least two of different aprons and different time.

Also I found two next images of her ... one of them was taken from the front and the fan can be seen quite nice. Although the image colour balance is incorrect I would say the fan was of the white colour though. I have trimmed and enlarged the pic slightly. The full copy can be found with the link.


St Trond | American Air Museum

The orginal one was unpainted while capture.

the source: the net.
Dirty white/light gray for the fan. Gear legs now look red. Anyhoo.....here's where I am. Innards ready to be installed into fuselage



10 piece wing spar, 40% done


One wing hatch ground out, tother awaiting


Trying to keep the cowl bay gun mounts square. The lack of attachment points making this difficult. I'm 94% sure where this is supposed to mount into the fuselage. The instructions are a little vague


With Wojtek on the paint. Looks to me like the guy with the red paint gun was late for lunch and sprayed onto the fan blades. It stands to reason that he did the same with the wheel wells so you might see red paint overspray on the RLM02 there. If it were my model, I would paint the dimpled areas where the wheels retracted red (nothing important there) and leave the areas where the meachanical and electrical parts reside 02 with some red overspray.
Thanks Andy, thy will be done. What about the landing gear struts; 02, or red? My enlargement looks yellowish on my laptop but that could be a colour change of 02. Wojtek's picture looks red
Looks to me like they are red uppers where the covers are, possibly from overspray of the inside of the covers. The lowers with the torque links and oleos remained original. I'd do the struts 02 and then spray a thin coat of red over them, thicker near the attachment points of the cover. Just a personal take, not based on any known facts.

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