1/48th Messerspit!

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Well, I gone and started it........
1/48 Tamiya Spit Mk.Vb
1/48 Tamiya Bf109G
Starting by looking at the fit of the Bf
firewall in the Spit kit. You can see it's
Not too bad, pretty darned close!!
I will have to fab a flat firewall tho.
S2F Mssrspt 01.jpg
The behind the engine, between it
and the firewall are the belt cases. I
am assuming these were not included
in the mod as all weapons were removed,
so they say, therefor a new flat firewall.
But happy with the engine detail.
Will attempt some additional wiring
and plumbing! Wahoo! Unsure at this point
about engine covers. Perhaps this will be
the Before the Bf110 covers were modified!!
S2F Mssrspt 02.jpg
So firstly, as above mentioned,
I am attending to the DB605A.
Since it will be in transition of
installing the engine, the exhaust
will not be attached. So I need to
open the ports. These are a set of
tiny diamond round files I found a
couple of years ago, noted I have
measured & marked the size of each.
S2F Mssrspt 03.jpg
The kit has aligning holes for the exhaust
using holes. They just happen to be in the
center of a port thanks!!!! I have used the
1.1mm file to open it to the proper shape.
Then I used a 0.6, then 0.8 and 1mm drills.
Then the 0.9 file to open the hole, and center
it for the 1.1 final size and leave a flat bit
around the shape of the port. Only 10 more!
S2F Mssrspt 04.jpg
Then on to replacing the plug wiring!
Thanks Geo, all you guys.
So I'm only allowed three days,
on the bench, maybe a few xtra hrs,
while Annie is at work that is.
So I have removed the plug wiring
and added wire for a better look.
0.47mm solder, 0.25mm copper with
a 3mm hole to glue them into.
S2F Mssrspt 05.jpg
This is my collection of wire for detail.
S2F Mssrspt 06.jpg
Now on to the Piping!
Got some bench time today at just
went at it with a vengeance!
Copped the nose off, thinned the
front edge and added the cowl strip.
One haff atta time.
S2F Mssrspt 07.jpg
Then came the new firewall for the DB.
Tricky to get it to fit!
S2F Mssrspt 08.jpg
Then mapped out the attachment points
for the DB from a photo of a 109 F-wall.
Lower arm points are within the leading
edge of the wing, as in the 109 as well.
S2F Mssrspt 09.jpg
Seems to be working out okay, as it
did in 194?
I won't do any detail work on the Spit
until I know all is well with the engine
I am assuming some of the cockpit stuff
was changed with 109 parts, more than
just instruments.
Unless someone can tell me different!!!!!?

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