2 Night fighter aces.....

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May 20, 2004
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from Germany, both Deutsche Kreuz in Gold with over 25 air victories apiece will be gathering at the Finnish Air Force Museum. Not sure where this is ....

date : 27-29th of May 2005.

Friend Peter Spoden with NJG 5 and later as Gruppenkommandeur of I./NJG 6 will relate his stories

Klaus Scheer who flew with NJG 100 via missions in Bf 110G'4's and later Ju 88C's with night fighter ship Togo off the Finnish coast and later in a Ju 88G-6. Here his sotries of fighting against an enemy (Soviets) that did not use radar and flew outdated slow moving biplanes, Pe-o8's and some B-25 Mitchells.

Peter speaks great English but not sure if Klaus does, but it would not surprise me as they were both Airline pilots after the war. both still fly.

hope several of our esteemed group can make this very special occassion; wish I could, hey if anyone can get some pics ???

Erich ♪
gents my friend Kai is heading over to the air force musuem on Sunday to interview/Pics and say hi to my 2 nf friends. Hopeful to post his scans soon when arrived in my mailbox.

wish i could atttend.... :cry: ah well

E ~
very cool ! atended by some 100 of the audience the two German vets captured the crowd with their stories and some slides of times ago. A very lengthy signing and question answer period concluded the event which ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday the last some two hours to the cheers of everyone attending.

Hopeful I will hae some digi shots for everyone soon of these two fine men
Here's the most recent WW1 Vet to die in Britain. Sad isn't it?


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