A6M2 mod.21 Zero sen

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Mar 3, 2007
I'm looking for some good pictures of pilot's seat and harness mounting
Can u help me please?
Hopfully these will help.


  • Zero Cockpit.JPG
    Zero Cockpit.JPG
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  • Zero Cockpit 2.JPG
    Zero Cockpit 2.JPG
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  • Zero Cockpit 3.bmp
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I don't have any shots. The one at our museum is an A6M3 Model 22. In some ways, it's a bit of a hybrid as well because the restoration in Russia used parts from about 3 different Zeros. So it isn't a true mod 22.
Have you got some great photos of the A6M5 at your museum Evan ??

Would reallly appreciate some. (Just make a new thread with them)
hey guys, i was looking for the a6m2-n type 2 the floatplane version.
in particular the cockpit left front and right sides. i have looked in my library's with no luck and done extensive searching on the net.
the float version of the a6 has a different set of dials to the normal pit.
thanks in advance.

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