AH-64 Gun Cam Footage

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May 13, 2005
Not for the weak at heart......


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Detached destruction.... seems too much like a vid game esp since it is mono... no screams, no blood... not nice at all. I have reservations about whether vids like this one belong on this site... seems the moderators were asleep.
There have been worse videos on this site. Some of the guncam footage is equally gruesome. Hiding the destruction does not make it go away. War is not a pretty business, as some of us know first-hand.

What I will ask though is that if it is graphic and potentially disturbing that we are warned first.
I agree with royzee. With ww2 aviation guncam footage u see pieces of metal blowing off. In this vid u can uctually see a human being blown up and see all eh, all 'sorts' of pieces of him flying everywhere (still, in both vids there is someone actually being killed at that moment!). But this is a bit to violence (especially becouse i did not ever witnessed this (and i aint planning to do either!!!!), but if i did, what does that matters...????? Does it makes me not knowing something other people do know????). And maybe im am an hider for destruction, but this is too cruel and just too much. What if it is your brother that u are seeing blown up? And i know, ur brother aint a terrorist, but whatever. It aint much of a pretty sight to see someone getting blown up even if it is your enemy. And if this can be putted on this site, what about the decapitation off all those people in Irak??? Thats the same destruction of people! That also is killing someone although not for the same reasons but for the same thoughts (he's wrong, i'm right). I think u just can't put this sort of vids on sites becouse people do deserve some respect, instead of being shot off like ducks in a video game!!!!

I'd like to know how all you guys think about this and i think i'm one of the non cambattants around here...
I agree with evan. War isn't, and has never been, a pretty business. The WWII footage may not have shown men being carved to ribbons, but it happened nonetheless in many cases.

I also agree that any graphic and potentially disturbing video from now on should be preceded by a warning of some kind. Then if you feel that you may be offended by it, you simply don't have to watch it.
There was a warning. Not for the faint hearted. Kinda of gives you a rough idea of the content don't it?

A video game? In fairness, this is what much of modern warfare is like. And what on Earth do you think is happening to a pilot in a film of gun-cam footage? It's a safe bet he ain't thinking oh darn, I'm gonna have to respawn!

Who said we're going to allow films of hostage executions? You're comparing apples and pears. What you're talking about there is close up footage of someone being murdered by having their throat cut.

The footage here is shot through an image intensifier of some unidentifiable people, who certantly aren't there for a midnight picnic. I'm sorry, but I can't see where you're coming from at all - if we disallowed this, then we'd have to junk half the pictures on the site.
Nonskimmer said:
I also agree that any graphic and potentially disturbing video from now on should be preceded by a warning of some kind.
I saw the warning Med. What I meant by this was that all graphic clips should be preceded by a warning. I should have made that clear.

But I think it's safe to say that videos of this nature will continue to be allowed here. If you fail to heed warnings of graphic content and decide to view them anyway, the choice is entirely yours.
Well Medvedya, i think we just disagree. You think ur right and i think i'm right. I think u just cant show this sort of stuff on the internet, but thats just my opinion, and im not the administrator. And about the guncam footage, i allready said that that aint much of a heroes death... And im not comparing apples with peares. You just said it for yourselfe, in the guncam footage and in that AH64 clip are both people bein killed. But anyway, like i said, u think ur right and i think i'm right. I hope u can see my point.

I think u just cant show this sort of stuff on the internet, but thats just my opinion
Are u kidding me dude???? The pussification of the world has begun.... Everyone put on ur blinders........ Only look at the nice and cuddly things of life... Stay away and avert ur eyes from the scary and nasty........

Gimme a break........ Those idiots that were being blown apart by those wonderful little 20 mm shells are insurgents, hence terrorists.... They make bombs and blow up innocent civilians and MY FREAKIN COUNTRYMEN!!!!!!!!
Men and women laying THEIR lives on the line for a bunch of people that they dont know........

If u dont want to see blood and guts then dont look at the images and/or videos.....

JUST DONT CLICK ON IT................

I think that there should be more clips and videos of terrorists being made into Allahs Chosen Ones. Maybe the terrorists will start seeing them and realize that the whole Allahs Kingdom crap is exactly that...........
Trust me, there are way more graphic depictions of firefights and it's after-effects out there on the internet. If it carries a disclaimer that it is not for the faint of heart or that it is graphic and may be disturbing to some, then that should really be enough. It is up to the individual as to whether they want to view it or not.
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