Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster 1:12 scale

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Vic Balshaw

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Jul 20, 2009
Having finished both my night fighter Falco IIs I thought I'd fill in the time till the next GB with an Italeri Alfa Romeo Roadster. I rather like these old cars this one being from the 1930s and has an 8-cylinder in line supercharged engine which was considered very "state of the art" at that time.

The box art, content and instruction book.
20230625 1.JPG

20230625 2.JPG

20230625 3.JPG

So let the build begin.
Pic 1. The chassis the red parts will be assembled, the others on the little whit bits of paper I'm going to paint in a different colour to the chassis.
Pic 2. The assembled chassis and those little extra bits.

20230707 1.JPG

20230707 2.JPG

Somewhere, I should have some 35mm transparencies, taken in the early 1980's of one of these. A friend at the local Aero Club owned one (along with a Hispano Suiza and other exotic stuff), and gave me a ride in it. Great experience.
Lucky you Terry, I'd have loved to just hear the engine ticking over let alone have a ride in it. I would love to get the Italeri Bugatti 35B model, but display room would be a problem. :D
This is a design that my friend Dave Cummins created to fit on an 8C 2300 chassis. It is his own model work- built from scratch.


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These are all the bit that will make up the chassis, suspension and rear axle drive shaft.
20230708 1.JPG

Next up a mammoth spray session but first off an undercoat for the red parts, the plastic being a very shiny red and certainly not the colour I'm wanting for the finished car.

20230709 1.JPG

Got some more done today, a bit more spraying, I say a bit more but it was a good couple hour masked up.
The chassis, suspension and rear axle all done ready for assembly.

20230709 2.JPG

The components that make up just one of the six spring dampers (I think that is what they are).
20230710 1.JPG


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