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Nov 9, 2005
It has been discovered that the scandal in the Konya Air Force Base was due to an accident that occurred there. An F4 Phantom out on a routine training flight bombed two planes of the same model and a machine. As the planes were compeletely destroyed the loss to the state will amount to approx €30 million.
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On the 19th of October 2005 in Konya 3 Main Jet Training Facilities, a fighter plane during a routine training flight accidently bombed two planes who were parked on the runway. Under the supervision of Pilot Cuneyt Ozturk, the students ranked as sergeants who were being trained in the use of bombs also damaged an external component of the facility by setting it into flames. Although the two F-5 planes worth millions were completely destroyed, there were no injuries or fatalities. Whilst the planes were bursting into flames, fire fighters put out the fires with foam. It was discovered that the plane used to accidently bomb the F-5's had undergone upgrades in Israel.
The photos of the accident appeared in It depicts photos showing two planes and one machine on fire under the headline "Military Police HeadQuarters Criminal Division". Air Force Chief Faruk Comert is being blamed for trying to cover up this affair from the public. Its not known whether the plane, which underwent modernisations by the Israelis and was handed back to Turkey in 1999, had a technical malfunction or whether the accident was caused by the pilot alone.
To discuss this matter we tried to contact General Atilla Ozler and General Albay Ayhan Bodur who shyed away from our calls and other top officials stated that there have been no further developments and that this matter is no longer in the public eye. An explanantion is expected from the Generals Headquarters about this incident which has been discovered was hidden from the public eye for 5 months.


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strange things happen could the weapon have been hung up or a switch malfunctioned my previous trade always make me wait for the official result and how much is a f5 worth not that much
obviously i'm no expert but it also looks odd that the rear half of one and the front half of the other went up, surely a bomb would cause more damage to both and in similar places?
evangilder said:
Maybe someone was smoking near a fuel vent on either the APU or the F5. The burning question is why are the guys in the third and forth picture wearing HazMat suits?
These days anytime an aircraft crashes a Hazmat team is brought in because the wreckage has hazmat potential. I recently had to give an assessment of the aircraft we maintain here, indicating what would be considered hazmat in the event of a crash. This includes fuel, hydraulic fluid, insulation, seat material etc......
Could it have been napalm? It could have fallen in a line from the generator snd then across the aircraft, or winds could have blown the flames over the aircraft. It could also explain the localised damage.
Before 9-11 the company I was working for at the time was doing a C-130 mod program for the Algerian Air Force. They flew one to Mojave for modification and then we were supposed to send about 30 people over there to do the rest of their fleet. One of our engineers went over to the base where their 130s were at and met with the base commander. His office was nicely decorated but had a hole in one of the walls. My engineer friend later learned that earlier that month a Russian instructor, doing some low level aerobatics right over the base in a Mig-21 planted the thing on the runway inverted. The hole in the base commanders wall was part of a turbine disk that departed the wreckage!
>And if it was a bomb, wheres the bomb damage and crater????

BDU-33 Practice Bombs, according to

Could it be that a hot -33 lit up one of the apu's which in turn lit up one and then the next F-5? A practice bomb wouldn't necessarily make a huge crater, would it? And an eventual crater could easily be covered by the foam in the pix?
Well, perhaps somebody doesn't like Algeria... And so might drop a weapon on an Algerian plane. It certainly looks like it is a weapon that has achieved a very hot temperature. It has burnt through.

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