B-17, B-24, or Lancaster

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May 12, 2005
Which is these was the best bomber during WW2, in your opinion. :)
Don't forget the Halifax!

The way I see it:

Unescorted Day Bomber: B-17 (better ceiling and defensive firepower than Lanc/Halifax, better survivability than B-24)

Escorted Day Bomber: Lancaster (better bombload, faster cruising speed than either B-17 or B-24)

Night Bomber: Lancaster

Maratime Patrol Bomber: Halifax III or PB4Y-2
we've covered this subjest at great length and as much as i enjoy talking about it, i don't think others want to be subjected to it again :lol:

also any un-escorted bomber during daylight will be shot down in large numbers and no one will tell you otherwise, the only notable exception is the mosquito..........

btw, the lancaster is the superior aircraft in almost every respect.........
Maybe, but who had the best defence against fighters. I would rather fly in the B-17 than the other two. The bomb laod of the B-17 was not so bad.

But wich one would you chose mate? You are right when you said that bombers are no match against fighters. The B-17 shot down the most fighter as far as I know and it were very successfull.

The US knew how to use the B-17, the Brits did not know how to use it and thus had to learn from the US.

they were all dog meat unescorted, and at night the Lanc was about equal with the Halibag. B-17 had a higher altitiude perfomrance than the B-24, but so what the Luftwaffe Flak and Luftw. pilots didn't care

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