B24 Crew Responsibilities

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Jun 6, 2005
Hello. I'm posting hoping that some folks here can provide me with some background information for a writing project that I'm working on.

With respect to B24 Bomber crews, can anyone tell me, or perhaps suggest good resources, to describe the responsibilities of the various crewmen on board during a typical bombing run over Germany in 1944.

Also, what kind of dialogue would be taking place between the various crewmen as they prepared to drop their bombs? Who would be speaking and to whom?

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Check out this site; http://www.b24bestweb.com/

When the flight is approaching the target, the navigator will be looking for the "Initial Point" or IP. At the IP the bombing run will start, the pilot will give the plane to the bombardier who will fly the plane with the Norden bomb site and the auto pilot system. The whole time the crew is calling out enemy fighter positions, the intensity of flak and will report any aircraft going down. The exchange will be "bombardier, your plane," and he'll reply "my plane." When the bombs are dropped the bombardier will announce "Bombs Away." Usually the lead planes had bombardier's and the rest of the group will jettison their bombs on that command. After the bombs are released, the bombardier will "give" the plane back to the pilot and exchange "Pilot you're plane," and the response will be "I got the plane."

It could get a lot more complex but this might be a common exchange. Hopes this helps!

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