Banner creation

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Dec 6, 2006
Can any one tell me how I make my own banner since I keep trying and cant figure it out??

Per Cheddar Cheese, one of our Mods, is the way to do it...

Right-ho. If you upload the pic you want, right-click it and cliock properties. Take the URL and add it between
. Then copt this into your profile.

For example, to get the picture on my sig:

Right-Click, Properties - the URL is

Add this URL between the two codes:


Without the spaces

And you get the picture!

Hope this helps, it isnt very clear is it
Still the same problem.Perhaps I should make a picture instruction for this.What do you think about it Les?
Well let me ask the question. Is it true that regardless what size file you are pointing to, that you are subject to the file size limit noted? I am not sure if I am performing the above instructions wrong or just bumping up against too large of a *.gif file.
I don't know if I've understood properly.Do you have a problem with uploading a GIF file as a sign in a connection to its size?
Either one. But I think you answered my question. Now I must regroup and pretend that I have computer prowess.

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