Belarus police detain protesters

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Nov 9, 2005
The opposition in Belarus says four leading activists have been arrested by police in Minsk during a protest against the election result.
Opposition supporters defied police and braved sub-zero temperatures overnight, camping out in a central square. The crowd now numbers about 150.
The protesters accused President Alexander Lukashenko of rigging the vote and demanded fresh elections.
The EU and US have condemned the poll as flawed, but Russia says it was fair.
Results announced on Monday gave Mr Lukashenko victory with 82.6% of the vote.
The runner-up, Alexander Milinkevich, got just 6%, according to the official results.
Mr Milinkevich's campaign manager Anatoly Lebedko and three other top aides in his United Civil Party campaign team were arrested, Mr Milinkevich's spokesman said.
The other three were named as Alexander Dobrovolsky, Alexei Yanukiyevich and Valentina Pavelikova.
They were reportedly arrested as they returned to the rally after going to fetch food.
Protests began on Sunday evening as the polls closed, with some 10,000 people gathering in the capital's central October Square.
Thousands turned out again on Monday night, but numbers later dwindled to several hundred.
"Our protest will be strong and long," Mr Milinkevich told the crowd. "We will never recognise this election. It's not an election but an anti-constitutional seizure of power."


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Riot police in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, have broken up a five-day demonstration against the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko.
More than 100 troops poured into the central square and loaded protesters onto waiting trucks.

Small groups of demonstrators had gathered in the square since Mr Lukashenko secured a third term in office last Sunday.

The opposition condemned the election result, saying the vote was rigged.

The BBC's Emma Simpson says about 150 demonstrators were in the square when it was cleared in less than 20 minutes.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene said some of the demonstrators were wrestled to the ground, while pictures showed helmeted police restraining protesters as they led them away.


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Several thousand protesters in the Belarus capital Minsk are holding a spontaneous rally over the disputed presidential election.
They moved in to the main streets after special forces closed off October Square, the site of a tented protest camp cleared away by police on Friday.

Several hundred police have been slowly pushing back the protesters, some of whom are chanting "Long Live Belarus".

The atmosphere is tense but there is no violence so far, correspondents report.
As Milinkiewich stated: "Lukashenko's regime was capable to endure the democracy for only three days..."

They should shot him off, along with that midget (dunno who is he but probably chief of the Party...)
The second demonstration was roughly cancelled by police, many protestors arrested wounded... Milinkievich announced a Revolutionary Movement.

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