Best Looking Female in Metal?

Best Looking Female in Metal?

  • Angela Gossow - Arch Enemy

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  • Shiralee Morgan - Chalice

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  • Sabine Edelsbacher - Edenbridge

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  • Lacey Mosley - Flyleaf

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  • Morgon Lander - Kittie

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  • Mercedes Lander - Kittie

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  • Fallon Bowman - Kittie/ Amphibious Assault

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  • Talena Atfield - Kittie/Amphibious Assault

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  • Liv Kristine - Leaves Eyes

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  • Tarrie B - My Ruin

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  • Otep Shamaya - OTEP

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  • Joan Jett - The Runaways/Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

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  • Lita Ford - The Runaways/Lita Ford

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  • Cherie Currie - The Runaways

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  • Janet Gardner - Vixen

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  • Candace Kucsulain - Walls of Jericho

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  • Sharon den Adel - Within Temptation

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A woman in April Wine??? News to me man.... Heres a list of all their members throughout the years....

Myles Goodwyn
Jerry Mercer
Brian Greenway
Breen LeBoeuf

Former members:
Jim Henman
David Henman
Ritchie Henman
Gary Moffet
Steve Lang
Steve Segal
Carl Dixon
Jim Clench

So which dude u have the hots for Erich???
but you never listed every chic that played with the band either ?

ok I think I've been stung here, I'll try and hunt down this Honie and post a pic of here and her bitchin triple pickup[ wonder. this chic would always wear her long hair down straight along with wearing - of course braless - an almost multi-coloured robe. man was she fast on the neck of that axe and played with a very clean sound

alright it appears It will make me do a bit of research this week for this ? of a woman, she came on at the end of the 70's
excellent choice Matt.........but nope, the gal I am huntin down had straight brown hair and looks to kill. always played a Gibson Les Paul
finally ........3 albums and then finally calling her last band after her: April Lawton.
The gal could rip it up and during the time of ~ me ~ 1970's she was known as the female Jimi Hendrix and total virtuoso and because of that she was known as a transexual- a man becoming a woman as no woman supposed had the qualifications to rip on a guitar during the time ......yeah right. this is one of the cover shots and does not show how sharp the woman was. the music today is almost blue-jazz. the singers suck in my opinion. she got fed up with music and turned after her last album to art and painting and went into obscurity, died on Thanksgiving 2006


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yes I know I found the honie I was searching for in the upper portion of the page with the band Ramatam (stoopid name), but the chic could rip
Never heard of her, Erich. What kind of music did she play? Can you give us a band that was kinda similar?

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