best place for vacation

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Vassili Zaitzev

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Nov 25, 2005
Connecticut, United States
Where there any places you have been on vacation that stand out from the rest.
My trip to England last summer, i have to say, was the best place that i have been to. the hospitality, the customs, and the sites i enjoyed well. If anyone from this server lives in England, The food that i had there was awesome. I had heard rumors in the US that English food was tasteless, but when i got there that rumor was proved wrong. I had this burger in the hotel i stayed in London with a fried egg on the bottom which was delicious. Other food that i had was fish and chips, and some pastry filled with steak called a pastie. I feel that England is a good place to go for vacation.
Austria is really nice, the moutains, the beer and lots of red meat! England is quite nice, you'll never get sick of fish and chips or pasties - Proper food! None of this nouvo cuisine crap in England!
England is good, along with Scotland, Wales, and Ireland - There's a lot of history here, depending on what you're in to, the Imperial War Museum in London, and Duxford Aircraft Museum have got to be on your list.

It's strange actually living here sometimes, you forget how famous places once were - I live between Biggin Hill and Kenley, which were massively important in WW2, but are just ordinary villages now..

For older stuff, there's plenty of castles and stately homes open to the public, dating back to 1,000ad (or earlier) and of course Stonehenge and some smaller stone structures that go back 5,000 years.

And of course you can party in London like (almost) no other place on earth, there are thousands of clubs and pubs all over the place, so get over here! :D
Living in a town with a population of 75000 that gets the odd tourist 20 million a year I found the best places are the ones that get no tourists you actually get to meet the people and invariably find stuff of interest that you never would otherwise .In the tourist traps the key chains and t shirts you buy are the same with different names and overpriced . When I do go away I go to the muskoka lakes area of ontario go to the cottage on a fresh water lake swim drink a few beers maybe drop a line in the water go jet skiing watch the hard bellies tan how can you beat that
Too true, my mate recently went to Venice and he said it was a really nice city but the vast ammount of tourists spoiled it.
If I was going on vacation, the LAST place I'd go to would be England... No offense meant to our British lads and lassies here, but its not a place I'd spend all that $$$ to vacation at....

Now, Tahiti, Bali and Indo, the Lesser Antilles (Nevis, Antigua, St.Lucia ect ect), THOSE are places to vacation....

And I agree 100% with tigers mate..... Tourists make vacations lame....
to the Himalyas of course and places unknown in the region ~ Nyainqentanglha Shan; peaks over 7,000 meters

pack well friends 8) and bring the shades
don't forget several fleece tubes for mr. dong, it can get pretty nippy in the summer with a 50mph north wind down your shorts
Well depends on how much the temp. goes. I'm used to cold CE winters, thus I like the heat more. But I remember when I was in August in the Negev it was kinda weird...

As to the tourism - for everyone's there's another meaning in that word. Someone wants to lay on the beach while other wants to climb a mountain...

For me, the best vacation is when I see something new - so I don't like going to the same place every year. I'd really love to make a Europe trip this Summer - Germany, Italy, BeNeLux, the UK... Those more exotic places I've never been to and I'd like to visit is Jordan (Petra), some African country, Euro-Asian part of Russia, this Chernobyl Pripyat and of course the USA.

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