Best Version of a Band

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Feb 19, 2007
Southern New Jersey
What version of the following bands were the best:

Ozzie's Black Sabbath vs Dio's Black Sabbath

David's Van Halen vs Sammy's Van Halen

Bon's AC/DC vs Brian's AC/DC

and just to toss this in

Gabriel's Genesis vs Collin's Genesis

Some might be close but others are no brainers.
I agree with Les up there, not going to repost it.

Having said that Dios Black Sabbath was great as well, just listen to Heaven and Hell. I prefer DIOs solo work though. "Rainbow in the Dark......"

As for AC/DC, Bon was the man but Brian kicks ass as well and personally I think that Brian holds the record for most of the fame for AC/DC because he has been with the band longer and all the new generation of fans only know Brian.
And thats the sin.. Bon had sucha richer voice and and he sang with a swagger that cracked me up. Brian ok but he doesn't surpass Bon.

Along with this thread those were the only bands I thought of that had changed singers and still was successful.

Any others?
both versions of AC/DC are good in their own right, with bon and the rest of the guys finally achieving breakthrough success with highway to hell and brian with being able to fill bon's enourmous shoes and produce a real rock classic in the form of back in black. so as to which era is better, i like em both
I'm taking nothing away from Brian. Love that version of AC/DC as well. I just thought that Bon was more versatile and I just loved his FU attitude in the songs.
same for Sabbath and Genesis

Van Halen was a different matter.....
I agree on both counts. AC/DC is awesome either way you want it.

Van Halen on the other hand will allways be Roths band in my opinion. Hagar did not do that bad of a job and he is definatly a tremendous singer but it just was not Van Halen to me. Van Hagar :lol:

Now as for the Extreme dude who sang for Van Halen for a while. That was total crap! I saw Van Halen with him at Rock im Park years ago and if it had not been for Eddie I would have left the stadium all together.

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