Best weekend EVER

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Jun 10, 2004
Knoxville, TN
The little wifey and I took a drive into the hill country of Texas. This country is my heaven. We stay in the town of Burnet Friday night and had plans to do some town hopping to see their main street squares and do some shopping. Driving south of Burnet I spot a Corsair II on the side of the road. I sorta pissed her off cause I hit the brakes hard to see it. heh heh

Out in the middle of nothing Texas is a little municiple airport and they have a F-100, a Corsair II, some big tank, a SAM and some AA guns in front of the only hanger. Then the wife asks me, what's that silver plane?

On the back side is a beautiful C-47 and there is a WWII museum. OMG! Could life be any better? So I start talking to the people there. 5 years ago they found this C-47 and it was a mess. They spent the last 3.5 years restoring it and they were going to fly it to Brownsville for an airshow, but down south was socked in with fog. It's the only reason I got to see it. They also had a L-4, and L-5, and a Texan in the hangar. They were telling me next month they are going to have an airshow in Burnet that will feature about 35 planes, including a Corsair, an A-26 and a Spitfire (they hope).

Then it gets even better. I talked my wife into going to Fredrickburg, since it's only about 45 minutes away and I can get some good German food and beer. When I tell her about all the stores, she agrees. About 15 miles outside of town, she asks, "Why do they call this highway 'Pearl Harbor highway?'" I said I didn't know. Then about 5 miles outside of town she says, "Hey, I just saw a sign that said "Pearl Harbor War Museum." With my mind only on bratwurst and beer, I thought to myself, "What kind of Pearl Harbor museum would be in the middle of dried out Texas?"

Well, I spot the museum, then I remember that Nimitz is from Fredricksburg. We go in and, guys, that was the best museum I have EVER been in. I talked to the people that run it and they told me vets have tell them it's the best in the world. The static displays are incredible. They have the actual midget sub that was captured at Pearl Harbor. They have the only PT boat that saw combat duty there.

Anyway, here are some pics. The ugly dude sitting in the AA gun seat is me. (the wife insisted on the pic) The building is the outside of the Nimitz hotel (now the museum). It was just remodeled and reopened two weeks ago (lucky me again). In 6 weeks they are going to demo part of one of the buildings and add an additional 4000 S.F. to include another 3000 artifacts they have there. The B-25 is a static display of the Doolittle raid. The propeller actually turns and it looks like your on the deck of the Hornet. The F4F being worked on is a display of Guadalcanal. The display showing the Nazi uniform is typical of all the displays throughout the museum. The few images, some artifacts, and some text. My wife was crying when she read about what the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor and Nanking!!

Note the barrel of the japanese tank. Someone shot it with an armour piercing round.


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Oh yeah, I saw a few type-o's. Here is one. It say's the bat was attached beneath the wing of a B-24, but that's not a B-24. That's a Privateer.


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Very cool. Where in Texas is that place (not that I go to Texas but just in case I do)?

Fredricksburg is about an hour N-NW of San Antonio in the beautiful hill country. It's also where you will find the best white tail hunting in the USA. Kimball county has more white tail per acre than anywhere in the US. There are also ranches there that do exotic hunts so it's not uncommon at all to see antelopes, zebras, etc while driving along the many roads.
Pfft, how much challenge is there in hunting a freakin Zebra.... I mean, come on, ur hunting a horse for christsakes....

ha ha. Yeah. I couldn't agree more. And it's not a brown's a black and white striped horse. And as we all know, black and white stripes is natures purest form of camoflage.

Here is proof. I'll bet ya $100 it takes you a long time to find the zebra in these pictures. It's damn near impossible


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