Canadian Spider Documentary

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God I hate spiders. I have 3 of those white little mice (well they are about twice the size of that small little mouse there) in a cage next to my computer. All 3 of them get fed to my snake tomorrow night.
I saw one at the pet store the other day (some kind of bird spider) where I buy snake food and it was a rather interesting looking arachnid. It was black with this very beautiful bright blue stripes all over its legs and a nice big round spot on its body.

Anyhow I was reading the information on it and it said that it liked to eat rodents, birds, and lizards. Then I got to the part that made me wonder. It said that it was a very aggresive species and to never put your bare hand without protection into its enclosure or to handle it.

They wanted 60 Euros for the bugger and I was trying to figure out why anyone would pay 60 Euros for a spider that will get as big as your face and eat birds and lizards and that you cant even hold because it will bite you if you stick your hand in the terrarium! :rolleyes:
A local bar had two 30lb pirahnas for the same reason. Most boring god**** fish I have ever seen.
I had a few pirahnas, but they died. They are very difficult fish to keep. I have never had a problem with aquarium fish but the pirahnas were pretty tough.

When it comes to fish I will stick to my Mudskippers. I have 4 Blue Spotted Mudskippers (not the ones in the pics below) that will grow to about 15cm long and they can live for several hours outside of the water. There pretty cool, especially now that they will walk up onto my hand.
i think spiders are facinating mostly for their hunting techniques, so diverse and advanced! and that silk's far beyond anything we can make.......
Here you go Matt. These are not mine but pics from the internet. Mine actually look nicer than these because I have the Blue Spotted Mudskippers. These are just some other kind.

When in the water they swim like regular fish but when on land they use there fins like legs and can walk around and they breath through there skin. In order to do so they have to keep there skin wet though, so they can only stay on land as long as there skin is not dry.

They are really cool though and will eat form your hand and walk around on your arm. Pretty fast too. Fun to watch in there aquarium as well.


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I dont see why. As far as I know there are native Mudskippers in the United States.

Yeap just looked it up. There are N.American species and you can have them as pets. The cool thing is they live for a long time (min. of 15 years) and they can be tamed.

They go well with my zoo that I have at my house.
Well my wife is a biologist and I love animals so it goes. Right now we dont have much, just a cat, an aquarium with about 20 fish in it, another aquarium with the mudskippers, and a snake.

In the blueprints for our house though that we are going to build we have a reptile room in it that is going ot have terrariums built into the wall with snakes and stuff and then throughout the house there will be aquariums and terrariums.

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