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I'm likely getting VW New Beetle in Spring 2006.....

Here's a little Oz muscle. My first and fourth cars were 1971 variants of these, 210 and 240bhp respectively.
Here's a picture of one chasing a 420hp Cleveland powered GTHO on the Bathurst racetrack. The Toranas won in 1972 and ran out of fuel whilst in the lead in 1973.
Torana GTR XU1


Engine is the Holden OHV six. 3 litre 1970-71 and 3.3 litre in 1972-73.
My learner car had the earlier 186cid bored to 192 and some extra goodies for 210 N/A bhp. My next Torana had the larger stroke 202 but without the counterweighted "blue motor" crankshaft, for some 240 N/A bhp, which felt a lot torquier on the street. 202's with counterweighted cranks have been getting around 300bhp without too much trouble.
Stock carbies are zenith-strombergs but I fitted SU's for better performance on mine.
Check out the size of the brake booster on 'em. Holden transferred them from the GTS 350 Monaro that weighed almost twice as much.
We have them in Britian, under the name of Vauxhall Monaro ;) Well like round these parts though, same performance as a 911 Carrera 2 but for half the price. Id buy one.

On a different note, had anyone here seen "C'etait un Rendezvous" by Claude LeLouch? Its the ultimate underground film, I purchased a copy off eBay a few days ago and it arrived this morning. What a film! Only 9 minutes long but its basically just a high speed chase through Paris, which was all done for real. LeLouch was supposedly arrested when it was first shown back in the 70's, and the whole thing is shrouded in mystery.


.. and what about this ? A bit too old for many on this forum, but in her times was really kicking asses...


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