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Nov 8, 2004
I look at this way, a real man knows how to cook!

I love cooking. I like using old recipes or sometimes just making my own up as I go.

This thread is for you to post recipes and what not that you have cooked, include pictures. No crap like Macaroni and Cheese either....REAL FOOD!

I will post my roast that I am making today when I am finished with it and tell you how it went. I am making it up as I go and not going by a recipe.
my grandmother was the best chef at the best university in the country

I'll look for her recipes in a while
I love cooking
Well my Roast turned out perfect. The only think I could do better next time is possibly use a bit more salt.

Here is the recepie. This is what I made for 2 people and ofcourse we did not eat it all so vary the recepie for how ever many you are making.

Beef, Roast: 2.5lb
2/3 Cup Liquid Hickory Smoke
2 Cellery stalks (I guess that is what you call it in english)
1 Cup Water
Garlic Cloves
1 Large Onion
1 Cup Beef Broth

First take the roast out and put in a plastic bag and put the 2/3 Cup Liquid Hickory smoke in the bag with 1 Cup of Water. Seal up the bag and put in the frigerater for about 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 350 F. Take a few cloves of garlic and cut them into stips. Take a few cloves of Garlic and dice them up in finely chopped pieces. Cut onion into small rings.

After the meat has sat in the fridge for about 20 minutes remove the meat and cut tiny slits at varying depths into the meat at various lacations throughout the meat and place a strips of garlic into the slits and close the slits up. Spread salt and the finely chopped garlic all around the meat. Place the meat into a roasting pan or pot and pour the beef broth into the pan. Place the 2 cellery stalks into the broth and throw in the small onion rings over the meat and into the broth.

Cover the pan and put in oven. Roast for about 50 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how done you want the meat. My wife does not like her meat medium rare like I do, so I cooked it for about 1 hour and it was done through the way she likes it. Let the roast stand outside of the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes to let the juices redistribute through the meat before carving.


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Well since my is gone to the US I had to learn to cook for my self and have made a Eisbein and it was so great I ate it all at once and patato salad. Also precooked pork rib wich I had in the oven. I will post some of my recipes.
Come on precooked rib Henk. You got to get them fresh and make them over a grill with real BBQ sauce!

I cant wait to post my Prime Rib that I am making on Saturday next week. You will love it!
Well my mom bought a lot of meat for me, well I almost only eat meat and I also have lamb rib and so Texan Steak in the fridge which I will Braai/BBQ as soon as I get some wood.

They call it precooked, but it is smoked rib that has been steamed half cocked and thus quick to cook and they come with a nice sauce. I will buy some fresh meat soon and that is the best. Cant wait Adler.
The best way to make ribs is to boil them first. Then put them on the grill and slowly cook them and spread BBQ sauce om them.

Also use Charcoal not wood. The charcoal helps flavor the meat more, unless you are using Hickory wood or something. I use Charcoal and then put wet Jack Daniels wood chips on the coal for a nice Jack Daniels whisky smoked flavor.
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
Beef, Roast: 2.5lb
2/3 Cup Liquid Hickory Smoke
2 Cellery stalks (I guess that is what you call it in english)
1 Cup Water
Garlic Cloves
1 Large Onion
1 Cup Beef Broth


Holy $#@! that's alot of Liquid Smoke. A teaspoon of that crap will make a anything taste like a forest fire. Are we talking about the same stuff? Comes in a little brown bottle with clear liquid that tastes like my barbecue grill smells?


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On-time topic! It is my week of 'remote office' in Atlanta and this is the only time I have time to cook something.

Risotto coi Funghi (Risotto with mushrooms)

This is a version more 'calorie-conscious' than the original 'risotto milanese' recipe

Ingredients for 2-3 servings

-Extra virgin Olive oil
1 big white onion
1 cup beef broth
1 sapphron tea-bag
1 bottle of white dry wine (i.e. riesling)
50 grams of butter
100 grams of ground Parmigiano
4-5 fistful of rice
Try to find 'Arborio' type, or at least some big-grain type declared for risotto. Small grain rice as used in Chinese cooking won't work well

Mushrooms: here it gets picky:
1/2 box of dried Porcini mushrooms (you can find decent dried porcini at Publix), don't attempt to use those tasteless champignons or white mushrooms: better change type of risotto (for instance replace mushrooms with green asparagus)
Of course, if you can have fresh porcini use them ad libitum!
A good substitute for porcini is Finferli (pfefferling in German, don't know the English name)

1 casserole about 8-10" wide and 2" tall
1 wooden spoon

1 - put the dried porcini in a cup with tepid water, just enough to cover the mushrooms
2 - pour olive oil in the casserole (1/4 inch) and warm at low-mid fire
3 - chop the onion in very small pieces
4 - when oil is hot (don't let it boil) drop the chopped onion in the casserole
A good hint is the oil is ready when it start 'smoking'
5 - let the onion toast in the oil until it gets 'blonde' stirring with the spoon if necessary
6 - Add the rice and brisk-up the flame - ALWAYS keep stirring gently!
7 - keep the rice moist with the liquid you have prepared, alternating a pour of wine and one of beef broth. Add salt according to your taste but moderately (remember that broth is already salty)
8 - After the first run of wine and broth, add the saffron
9 - After a couple more runs add the mushrooms (you may add their water too)
10 - Continue until the rice is 'al dente', that is that when you taste a grain it feels 'almost crunchy but not undercooked'
This is the most subjective and difficult part, cause there is no better definition for 'al dente'

11 - when your rice is 'al dente' resist the temptation to 'finish off' the remaining broth or wine (it would only screw the risotto) and:

12 - trim back the flame and add the butter, stirring gently until is completely melted (this give the 'velvety look and taste')

13 - add the ground parmigiano, stir again 30" to distribute evenly

14 - serve (with a good red wine)
I think 'portobellini' is 'agariscus bisporus' that is called 'prataioli' (field mushroom) in Italy, white cap that turns brown when mature.

In my opinion their taste is too 'fair' for a risotto.
The stuff must taste of mushrooms, but rice should be the king:mushrooms should be a small amount compared to rice. It is the rice that must taste like mushrooms, absorbing the aroma in the preparation. We need mushrooms with strong taste for it.

A box of 28 grams of dried porcini is about $4 at Publix (the only grocery shop that I know over here), is not cheap but affordable: they are enough for 2 risotto for 2-3 people, that is 50 cents per person (or 1 risotto for 6: amazed by my skills in math? :) )

I see a better death for portobellini on a simple pizza, maybe just tomato and mozzarella: fresh, thinly sliced (like a salami slice) and added to cover the pizza when is 3/4 baked (otherwise they would burn).
Matt308 said:
Holy $#@! that's alot of Liquid Smoke. A teaspoon of that crap will make a anything taste like a forest fire. Are we talking about the same stuff? Comes in a little brown bottle with clear liquid that tastes like my barbecue grill smells?

Um I dont know if it is the same stuff or not. The stuff I use is a golden brown liquid not a clear liquid. It makes your meat taste like good smoked meat. It may seem like a lot of liquid smoke but it is also diluted with water. The reason that there is so much is because it sort of makes a marrinade. That is why you mix it with more water for the meat to sit it in.

Basically dont knock it unless you try it. The roast is really good, but then again I have a taste for fine and good foods....

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