Czech made Messerschmitts

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Jul 16, 2006
Avia S-92 (Messerschmitt Me-262A Schwalbe)
Avia S-199 (Messerschmitt BF 109G-10 with Jumo 211)


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The Israelis bought some czech made -109s in the 1948 War of Independance. It was only a few they bought on the black market and had shipped in crates. They tangoed with egyptian (90% certain) planes, I guess in this painting a spitfire.


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No, they weren't, because they weren't completely same Bf 109's - they were equipped with Jumo 211 engines (those used in He 111 bombers...), also there was quite a difference with the propeller, cabin, etc...

The flight bahviour wasn't that great either, that is why they were called Mules (Mezek)...

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