Dazzled 1/48 NA-91 / P-51A? kit

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You go for it Bill. Don't worry about these punters with great knowledge and expertise who sometimes forget that were here to build models and have fun. You have picked a great subject that has already attracted may admirers. So come-on me old mate, ignore all that gobbledygook and give us a cracking build. :thumbright: :thumbright: :lol: :lol:
I didn't mean to put you off the build Bill. The ICM kit can be built into a nice finished product, its just going to be more work than the AM kit and no more work than a limited run kit.
Here's mine from group build 49

Unable to leave it be................ sounds like the title of a song!?
I am going to paint the camo on the lower wing Away from
the main body. I want the gear doors in place so the scheme
is all inline. I took a couple of minutes+++ to fit the doors.
Big wad of blue tac under will keep them in place. It was a bit
fiddly and used a bunch of tools to get it done.
P-51A Dazz 13.jpg
By the way..... what are the square holes for if they don't
match the studs on the flaps?????????
P-51A Dazz 12.jpg
Bill, I'm afraid there aren't any studs for the flaps. The protruding pieces on the flaps are the parts of the sprue ( polystyrene inlet ducts ) and should be removed completely. Just there aren't any dowel pins.
Oh i know that , hehe. Its just why put the square holes in the wings if there ain't no tabs to go innem????
Oh i know that , hehe. Its just why put the square holes in the wings if there ain't no tabs to go innem????

As it has been mantioned above , because it is a mish-mash type kit. The ICM copied a couple of parts from Accurate Miniatures kits for the A-36A, P-51, P51A and the Tamiya P-51B. The copied part from the Tamiya P-51B kit is just the wing. Therefore there are the square slots because the Tamiya model can have the flaps attached with the tabs as the lowered down optionally while the AM ones didn't have them moulded separately at all. The separate flaps were copied from the different kit or made by the ICM by themself without the set pins.

Here the Tamiya P-51B wing bottom half and enlarged flap. Additionally there is the excerption from its assembling manual . Can you see?



That's a pity they haven't copied the wing of the Accurate Miniatures kit for the RAF Mustang Mk.I. Although the flaps were moulded with the wing together ( like for all of the AM early Mustang kits ) the entire kit part looks much better and fits the early Mustang armed with the guns. The cutting the flaps off and making them down is a piece of cake. Also it is possible to use the aftermarket resin flaps.



the pic source: the net.

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