**** DONE: 1/48 F6F-5P VF-88 Yorktown - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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My last photos before my fini thread. Hard to see, but the camera access hatch is swung down. Have to spray him with some flat the get the gloss out of his hair.
Can't wait to get on with my Lanc, even tho it is a Hasegawa kit!


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I just followed what you gave me Paul. First time that I can remember!

But then again, I am old, and getting frail. Body is letting me down. I am sure my Mother in-law will certainly outlive me!
With a light haze outside, I am finally able to take some photos. Will make up a finished thread in a while.

Only a couple of entry photos, and the the details. Whew!

I want to thank everyone who has peeked in on my build. All the help and encouragement I've gotten is a big contributor to the success of my build. I thank Paul for both the bomb decals and help in my Larry the Lens painting. Everyone who posts their builds and shares their building experiences as well, I learn much from their posts. I hope I have helped some over a hurdle or two.



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