**** DONE: 1/48 Junkers Ju 52/3M - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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That is sooooo coooool Vic!!!
I've wanted to do a lit up interior ever since I saw the diorama insert in the Monogram B-29 model when I was a kid. I might have to try it now.
Many thanks George and Jerry, appreciated.

Might have to try that light thingy one day too....

I now believe fibre optics would be a better option Wayne, easier to place, the light is at the end of a plastic rod and not a LED, its more flexible and requires a smaller power source.
This has got to be the most scary thing I've ever attempted in modelling. Feeling full of confidence and having a couple of hours to hand I decided to cut the sliding panels out of the canopy top. First up I decided that making its replacement was the first step, a simple process and one in which I could correct the error in the kit which shows to many panels in the slide, these came on later versions.

This done I masked and Dyno taped up the canopy, stuck it on a lump of Blu-Tack and as advised, drilled holes in the corners. Next came the scary bit, a slow methodical sawing, easier said than done as the small saw blades keep getting stuck on the plastic cuttings imbedded in the cut and the blade constantly needed some beeswax to smooth the cut. Scary stuff………………………………Anyway, it is done and now I can get down to the cutting out of doors and hatches.

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That is brave
I am just starting this kit and if I do 1/2 as good a job as this masterpiece I will be over the moon. I am doing it OOB with the only extras being am front seats and canopy mask set. This is as good as Revell gets. Amazing fit and extraordinary detail throughout.
Thanks Gary and good luck with the build, even OOB it's a lovely kite to put together but when you come to the spray part take care to bed your masking in the corrugation nice an snug to prevent run off.

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