**** DONE: 1/48 Junkers Ju 52/3M - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Many thanks guys, pulled out the chainsaw this arvo and chopped out the doors and roof hatch, pics tomorrow and may start on the engine being used a freight.
Thanks guys and here you are Paul, just a couple of shots……………….

As promised, a view of the opened doors and hatches, still need to cut the cargo door in half though.


Decided at this stage to start on the DB 601 engine for the freight compartment, it's and Eduard and incredibly detailed. I thought about removing the moulded spark plug leads and making real ones, but decided as this is going to be shut inside the compartment, there's no point except for me to maybe get some practice. As it stands at the moment, I've added some 7 pieces already to this engine with a couple of extra wire pipes and as you can see, I've still a few to add.






Question for those of you in the know. When transporting these things or storing them, what sort of frame were they mounted on and would it have used the two mounts that usually attach the engine to the airframe.
no idea on accuracy but something like this would seem logical for workshop use ?

and more interesting than a big packing crate i guess

I can find some pics of hoists and big a frames for getting them out of the planes, but nothing on a trolley or dolly etc ...
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nice work Vic, hope you remember which door goes where ?

i think the engines came in a big crate, give me a few days if you can as i have a picture of a crew changing an engine on a Bf109 with the packing crate in the shot !
it is in a book i have and i will have to scan the image first
Great stuff Vic.
Karl is right, the engines came in a large wooden crate, with the engine itself sitting in a cradle. I'll dig out and scan some pics for you.
Are you going to open the door at the radio ops position, starboard side, behind the cockpit?

EDIT:- Here's the pics of engines on the cradle. In the first pic, the packing crate can be seen in the right background, with the engine number stencilled on it. these crates were too big to go through the split loading doors of the Ju52, so the engines were normally loaded just on the cradle, already fully assembled as a 'power pack'. The engines were bolted to the cradle, which sat on the base of the crate, with the crate itself being lifted off in one piece.


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