**** DONE: 1/48 P-47D Razorback - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Here's the pictures of the completed decals. The kill markings were not included with the Colorado decals so I hunted in my decal stash and came up with these. Only problem was that the spacing was too far apart and the swastikas were rotated 45 degrees from what I needed so I cut them out individual and applied them. The last picture is the various bits I'm working on at the moment (forgot to include in the prop in the picture). I have now started the panel line work and hope to get it, some weathering and the dull cote on to night as well as do more on the smaller bits.
AND more of the dreaded stencils on the wheel cover doors!

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Looking very nice Glenn. Just hope mine will look half as good. I saw all the little stencils. I think Friday will be an all nighter.
Took me a good four hours over two nights after the family went to bed. Only lost a couple, and that was from trying to move then after the Solvaset went on. I would not recommend doing that!
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Great stuff Glenn, and certainly is looking the biz!
I wouldn't worry too much about the swastikas - they might have been displayed in the Nazi fashion on the real aircraft, but during WW2, this type of kill marking was often displayed as you have them - not an error, but a deliberate act to sort of be 'politically correct' for the times, a protest as it were, rather than display the real Nazi icons.
Thanks Jerry.

The panel line work has been completed along with some weathering, and the dull cote applied. Still need to apply some pastels. Third picture shows where I'm at with the small bits, and the last two are close ups of the main gear. Tamiya has really done a nice job here, and the decal really makes it.

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