**** DONE : Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I V6684 RF-F 303 sqdn (Polish) RAF BoB GB

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User Name: rochie
Name: Karl
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heres my second Entry for the BoB build Hurricane Mk I V6684 RF-F 303 sqdn (Polish) RAF

I have to tell you that whoever wrote the captions on the photographs you posted made some blunders.

They were taken at Leconfield, not Northolt, in October 1940, not August. 303 Squadron moved to Leconfield on 11th October 1940 and in August there was a different Hurricane coded RF*F,R2688.

The pilots are, left to right, P/O Mirosław Ferić, F/Lt John Alexander Kent, P/O Bohdan Grzeszczak, P/O Jerzy Radomski, P/O Jan Zumbach, P;/O Witold Łokuciewski, P/O Bogusław Mierzwa (almost completely hidden by Łokuciewski), F/O Zdzisław Henneberg, Sgt Jan Rogowski, and Sgt Eugeniusz Szaposznikow.

The other photograph shows the ground crew. (No, I don’t know what the dog was called.)

303 Hurricanes coded ‘F’. R2688 until 3/9, P3089 6/9 to 9/9, V6684 from 13/9

V6684 was flown by a number of 303 pilots:

15th September – F/O Urbanowicz, 2 Do 215 destroyed
18th September – S/Ldr Kellet
23rd September – F/O Grzeszczak
26th September – P/O Zumbach, He 111 and Bf 109 destroyed.
27th September – P/O Zumbach,(morning) Bf 109 destroyed.
27th September - Fl/Lt Kent (afternoon)
30th September – P/O Ferić
5th October – F/O Henneberg
7th October - F/O Grzeszczak

So much for it being Urbanowicz’s Hurricane (he mostly flew P3901 RF*E).


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pics as promised, need a small correction to nose where i went to far with the dark green :rolleyes:


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Looks great Karl. Have you got over the weekend yet.................it would have been hectic with all the weddings. Hope it all went well.
thanks all.

Vic i've just about recovered from working 5.30am - 10pm sat without a break then 5.30am - 1.30 pm sun.
i was absolutely knackered on sunday afternoon i actually fell asleep whilst replying to a thread on this forum !
but on the plus side the girl i employed has started now and she is a fantastic chef and hard working and also i've aanother chef starting tomorow morning and if he's half as good i'll be very happy !!!!

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