**** DONE: 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I DW-O 610 Sqdn BoB GB

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you guys use sol and set? I find them kinda expensive (not withstanding I bought me a total 10 second hand models) and the tools needed :) ... now I'm thinking about what paints I will invest in...

P.s. how did you touch up the DWO lettering? Simple brush and patience?
I use Solvaset but carefully as overdoing on a repair can make things worse. Expensive maybe but for me, it goes a long way.

The letter touch up was done with a very fine, pointy brush and a cut off piece of stretched sprue for the tip of the W. I find that work better than a pin.
This is to catch up since the forum crashed Saturday. I did a fair amount of work on the weekend to get this build close to finishing:

First up, the finished access hatch. The offending pry-bar that was molded into the door has been carefully removed with a round Dremel bit and the hatch painted. It was tricky to make sure the stiffeners weren't removed at the same time but I did manage to nick one if you look too closely. I decided to keep the weathering very subdued on this model since the real subject only survived about 3 months. So some restrained paint chipping was added with a silver pencil at the wing roots and other locations.

101106 Cockpit Hatch.jpg

Next we have the exhaust stains added using black pastel chalk and a bit of white closer to the ports where the paint would have been discoloured. A light oil wash simulated spills around the gas cap on the top of the cowl. Once again some mild paint chipping was done at the cowl panel screws.

101106 Exhaust Stains.jpg

The gun ports were covered with pieces of red-painted Tamiya tape. I decided to not break these open.

101106 Gun Ports.jpg

Finally, the myriad antenna wires were installed. These are made from clear stretched sprue measuring about 0.2mm diameter. The IFF antennae were first glued into tiny holes drilled in the fuselage. When the glue had set, I pulled these back through some very fine slots cut into the tailplane tips with a sharp x-acto blade and taped them down tight. Then a small dab of CA glue was placed at the slot and allowed to thoroughly set before trimming the pieces off.

101106 Antennae.jpg

Finishing touches are needed to hide the antenna holes on the roundels and then we're done.
Beaut job Andy. If it's any help, the IFF wire connection terminals on the fuselage were circular brass 'buttons', about 20 mm in diameter, and visible, not painted over.
Thanks Terry. May be a bit late to do anything about this. I've made a couple of attempts at trying to fix this area up now but am hacing difficulty matching the colour.
Try touching the attachment points with the tip of a fine brush, using brass or copper colour - might work.
Nice job Andy, looks good with the amount of weathering you have done to it.

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