**** DONE: GB-56 1:48 F-47D-40-RA - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Thanks guys. Innards painted, awaiting details. For an explanation about the colour difference... GB-56 1/48 P-47D-25 - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

Some clarification on cockpit colors. Tamiya calls for their XF-5, which is a fairly bright green. You seem to have settled on the Vallejo 70.897, not quite as brilliant. Vallejo 70.897 is noted as being RLM 70. Vallejo 71.021 is the model air RLM 70. This I have, as well as XF-5. 70.897 and 71.021 appear to be the same when viewed on screen? But why the radical change from a bright green that Tamiya calls for to this much darker color? I certainly am not anywhere close to being an expert on the various P-47s, but is this darker color due to the particular P-47series? Or does Tamiya have it wrong?
All P-47s built by the two Republic plants used the Dull Dark Green. Those built by Curtiss used the Interior Green, but note that most Curtiss-built P-47's were only used in the training role.
Thank you for the clarification. Never sure about Tamiya's color call outs, especially in the cockpit areas. I will wait for the 'final' from George, although RLM 70 would be much simpler!
Thanks all. Back to this one. Engine parts about 85% complete and shown beside the Hasegawa engine. Details are softer on the Tamiya cylinders or maybe more in scale and when I applied the ink wash they were almost completely black so I dry brushed with Titanium Silver. Parts count so far: Hasegawa 3, Tamiya 5


Moving forward while paint dries, I thought I would add the tail inserts; this is to accommodate a tail with or without a filet. Tamiya would have one join you preferred parts together before adding them to the assembled fuselage but I think most modellers will add the parts to their respective fuselage halves first to get a better fit



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