**** DONE: GB-58 1/72 Mitsubishi Ki 46 III "Dinah" - Night Fighters all Eras

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although not everything that I would like but I keep working on the plane

I made the muzzle for the 30mm cannon with the old ear picks with a plastic tube and the weapons were painted for the last arreon...

OMG....................... you dropped it and broke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead2:
He is Japanese and he has 3 lives to overcome this!!!, he is the first to lose, we are not worried, the cat now prefers the children's toys that he steals them and hides them... yesterday he took the xwing from lego and they don't know where he left him, since they got him wet playing with the water guns in retaliation he has hidden him (I'm sure he'll bury him in the compost pile which is where his misdeeds lately appear to the children's toys)... this cat The older he is, the more he will bother the children!!! It's very funny to see how he will piss off the kids when they tease him...
Well, it has been very difficult for me to be able to connect again from the PC, I was left without internet, the company I had went bankrupt and until the whole problem was solved I could only wait for them to give me the connection, as it is through 5g, that is where the problem lies.
The plane has been finished for almost a month...
I'll post some photos while I open the thread of the finished plane.


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Life without an internet, that's hard to take. Glad you fixed up and back Sergio. :D

Well, the truth is that for me it is not that complicated to deal with, working with computers at work has also been a time of rest and disconnection.
Life without the internet?
Would be like sitting in an dirty overstuffed chair in a "care" home, in and out of sleep drooling on my shirt!
What a vision of the future!!!

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