**** DONE: GB-59 1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 - WW2 PTO V

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I would say it is a combination of fading and weathering. Oh..............and light olive colouring.
Been through everything Ki.84sy that I have Andy.....nada. Same for all the JAAF colour and marking books. A shame the link in Aviation of Japan is dead. Typed in Brian Weidemann's name and nothing. As it says on the website, "Very usefully the reference photos are included in the set which will allow modellers to interpret the schemes themselves if they wish to do so". What I see is the grey-green colour that was used on some control surfaces. Best WAG I can do
Appreciate the digging Geo. Wonder if Shinpachi Shinpachi has any info/opinions on the pale green colour seen on the profile and photo of 762 in post #10.
Isn't it IJAAF standard grey-green?

R: 56-81
G: 63-89
B: 56-79

R: 56
G: 63
B: 56

R: 81
G: 89
B: 79

Source: IJA Aircraft Paint Standard

Though looks slightly different -


Source: 中島 キ84 四式戦闘機 疾風 (プラモデル) 塗装1
Looks like there is a joint in the fuselage behind the pit but that's not where the colour transition is. The structure appears to be monocoque behind that joint so my take is that the darker tail is not because of a cobbled part. Excerpt from Aerodetail Number 24

Screenshot 2023-09-13 100522.jpg

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