Eagle Squadron kills?

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Aug 8, 2005
Just wondering if anyone as any numbers/info?

What about that Tom Cruise film and Pearl Harbour etc, how accurate?

Awww, les, don't you like Ben Assflex!? Get me started on that f*ckin' piece of shit movie. Go on...doooo it!
Well, I don't know about this Tom Cruise movie, but the Eagle squadrons were formed after the Battle of Britain. There were seven total Americans that fought in the BoB. I don't remember the timeframe context of the Affleck secene in Pearl Harbor, but that movie was a steaming pile. You want a good Pearl Harbor movie, get Tora Tora Tora.
D called it right. Ben Assflex got pissed off during the making of Peal Harbor because he was slamming the controls on one of the aircraft used in the move. When he was told to be careful with the aircraft his response was "why aren't they in a museum?" He's a moron!
Jesus! If he had done that with one of our airplanes at the museum, they probably would have beat him senseless then run him over with the tug. They wouldn't run him over with the airplane as blood is really corrosive!
yeah i'd heard about him saying that- right then children- who wants to go on a feild trip to a cirtain famous actors house!!
I dunno, how careful would the BoB pilots have been?

I thought he only 'flew' in a GRP (FRP) rig?

I was just thinking Afflecks character says 6 109's shot down, is that too wild?

I'm saying that because Tom cruise, like Mel Gibson, wanted to alter history and it's rumoured even involve Mustangs in the BoB saving the Brits arses? :shock:

If it is going to be made, I'd laugh if it was good!
What did those pilots do, surely one got 6+ kills?

They didn't have to be there either, I respect that immensely.

Also thanks to American Ethylene Glycol, 87RON fuel etc was the Spitfire the only plane really able to take on the dreaded Me109 performance-wise.

Also the Browning MG's were a factor and wasn't ammo supplied pre lend-lease?

Annoying moments of PH:

Kid: "Land of the free"

Other kid: "Home of the brave" ;)

That Affleck bloke posing on a P40. :evil:

"Get me into a damned plane" (Said in the most poncey manner possible)
I don't even think all those seven Americans were pilots but I may be wrong. It was the British that carried the extent of the Battle of Britain with help from Polish, Canadians, Czechs, French, Australians, New Zealanders, Indians and other nationalities I apologise for not remembering. The two most important being the Canadians and Polish.
Actually, the American involvement was small, and the record is not something that I would consider remarkable. Brave and certainly worthy of mention, but hardly the saviors of Britain.

Pilot- Airplane- Kills during the BoB
Arthur Donahue- Spitfire- No kills recorded
Billy Fiske- Hurricane- Shot down 1 Ju-88
John Haviland- Hurricane- No kills recorded
Vernon Keogh- Spitfire- Shared kill of Do-215
Philip Leckrone- Spitfire- No kills recorded
Andrew Mamedoff- Spitfire- No kills recorded
Eugene Tobin- Spitfire- No kills recorded
1 1/4 planes total?? :shock: and bombers at that??

Still they may have took some heat off other pilots.

Added to the other help, the USA helped a great deal IMHO, its sad that they are mocked this way.
From the movie Pearl Harbor, Ben Asslax's character was supposed to be 3 guys in one - Gabby Gebreski was at Pearl Harbor and actualy got in the air after the attack. After PH he got over to Europe and flew in the RAF with a Polish Squadron...

"Wheaties Welch" was one of two pilots that got up during the attack and actually shot down several aircraft - nominated for a Medal of Honor, it was turned down because he took off without permission.....

And the Doolittle Raid (I can't believe a Baldwin played Doolittle) I think the producers thought about Ted Lawson....

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