Englishmen please read!

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
Ah, it's good to see the Aussie cricket team are back in form! (I hope!) with a convincing win over England. Last week was a bloody shambles that we must never speak about again! :lol: Especially that Bangladesh incident :shock:

Anyway, any of you blokes going to the One dayers? Is anyone going to the Ashes? Can't wait for that, should be a good contest.
that's because you don't apprechiate the game!! cricket's great i love it!!

and yes, the current aussie team sucks :lol:
Hit the ball, run, stop for tea and crumpets made my the old dear from the nearby village, hit the ball again, run, go home and wash the green stains out of your whit wooly jumper ;) :lol:
The one fact that normally causes some concern amongst those poor souls that dont understand it is the fact that its quite acceptable for the bowler to aim the the ball at the batsmans head.
In Baseball that is close to a lynching offence and they think cricket is a game for softies, Whimps!!
By the way for those that don't know it, a cricket ball is every bit as hard and goes just as fast as a baseball.
I'd say a cricket ball was harder if anything, and the fielders don't have big leather gloves - torn fingernails and nice stinging palms are part of the experience! :twisted:
I tried watching it when I was in England. I couldn't get into it. But then, I can't get into baseball either. There are a group of Indians where I work that play cricket sometimes after work. Nothing like walking past someone's cubicle to see a cricket bat on the shelf.
I think it's something you have to be born into really - my dad likes cricket and used to be a pretty good spin bowler when he played for the BBC side. I got my first cricket bat and set of stumps when I was four. I have heard of village-level cricket teams in America though.
Lacrosse...I love that game.

Last time I played cricket I couldnt find a tennis bal or a cricket ball so I used a golf ball - I never saw it again after I hit the sweet spot of the bat :lol:
Fruity nut? schhhh! I wouldn't say that to a First Class Country cricketer! :lol:

Seriously though, don't be misled by stereotypes of English Gentlemen, tea, and cucumber sandwiches - it's a hard game where you need mental stamina as much as physical. And you definitely can get injured badly, especially wicket keepers and fielders playing silly mid on, when they field almost right up to the crease.

Mind you the girls played lacrosse at my school - how can nice sweet girls turn into pychopathic killing machines so quickly is beyond me!


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I wonder if playing LaCrosse is a pre-requisite for a SEAL. Every SEAL I have ever known has played LaCrosse.

Sorry for the OT, but that is something that I have often wondered. I used to go to parties at a house where 2 of the housemates were former SEALs. They would invite some of their fellow team mates over when they were around. One night, they got quite drunk and were playing Lacrosse on the golf course that was right behind their house. :shock:

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