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Peter Gunn

Master Sergeant
Jan 13, 2016
Clearwater, Florida
With a heavy heart and tears in my eye:

Joe did not suffer fools easily, we had that in common, but he was also fair about it. He'd give anyone the chance to redeem themselves once they had made a ridiculous or spurious post. Tough but fair and always there to lend a hand to the newbies on the forum and point people in the right direction.

More than once I was the recipient of his kindness and you could tell he was a good man and a good father. His sense of humor was subtle but he could crack the wise with the best of us and hold his own with the us forum comedians, SaparotRob SaparotRob I'm looking at you.

I really must say this has taken the wind out of the old sails this morning and DerAdlerIstGelandet DerAdlerIstGelandet I know you're in great pain right now, I (we) know how close you and Joe were. You've been our point of contact in this short, but intense tragedy, but know that we all are here for you too brother, Wurger Wurger as well as we know you were close with Joe as well.

Joe will be missed here for a very long time, we are all diminished by his passing and it's never easy when good people leave us, but we should also rejoice in the time we got to spend with him. I know all that sounds like some second rate novelist hack writing but words are starting to fail me all of a sudden as this sinks in.

He was a special person and was integral to this forum, it just won't be the same here without him and I am proud to call him my friend. My condolences and prayers for his family.

Godspeed Joe, get us a good table at the bar and keep our seats warm, until then, Farewell my friend.


Private Chemtrail Disperser
Nov 8, 2004
I'm saddened that THIS event is what is bringing me back to the site after being away for a long long time. Joe was a warehouse of knowledge, a foundation of this website, and a great guy to pick his brain about aviation. I wasn't as close to him as Adler or Wurger and others but we still had a few private conversations many years ago. Most importantly he was a good dad and a good man! Joe, you will be missed tremendously!

Stop being a stranger. You are part of the family.

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