Focke Wulf 152H Dwg

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nice but the sectional ~ the very same one is found in the small OOP Ta 15H monograf by Monogram pubs, close-up # 24 on page 9 upper page ....... still the best money on the a/c printed in my thoughts.

so where the crap is Monograms big 50.00 sepcial on this craft ?
This one is an early photocopy(original burnt in fire I believe).

Both of these where originally from the Ken Bolkeman collection. I will have to blow the cobwebs of my Monogram 152 book to check Erich. I believe the sectional is the earlist still to exist of the 152. I do have more but unfortunately not the permission to post. If anyone else has any of the 152 I would be intrested and confidentionality would be assured.


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it's interesting too that friend Jerry Crandall and tech expert Pete Weismann were going to comb Grüne 4 Loos old machine at NASM from top to bottom and reveal through the sectionals every facet of the beautiful piston-job. that was back in 92 when Crandall produced his wonderful Stabschwarm/JG 301 painting. From what I understand Jerry still has Petes drawings in his data base ready to reveal at some stage ............. hurry please ! 8)
I also had someone take some shots of the 152 in order to model it in a photogrametric(extracts 3D data from photographs) survey program. Unfortunately it was a case of if you want a job doing properly......

The orange dots are for targets(increases accuracy) and not some sort of plane pox.:lol:

Also attached is a project I am working on the Heinoen HK-1(Finlands only record breaking plane). This was not targerted but accuracy is in the region of +/- 1mm in all axis. If you want more accuracy a laser survey is better but well out of my price range. Once survey is complete model is exported to Solidworks for cleanup and presentation.

I also completed a traditional survey on the plane which took 3 days(and I still didn't have all the info). The photgraphic survey took 1 hour but still working on the model more than a year later.


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You asked for it Erich. These where taken last year at the Smithsonian.


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thanks man ! good to see present day colour photography showing the camo on the bird even with the peeling/sanding and what have you of the old FE- numerals and tiresome hokey US camo repaint after capture

many thanks



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Even more.....


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Glad to help. It was good of the guy to take the shots and to be fair he had never used photmodeler.


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WOW, what can I say except a hearty thank you. With your permission I am going to try and send off a couple of these scans to pilot Will Reschke with your permission if that is alright with you ?
No problem. I will look for some wing shots. Unfortunately it was high up so not much to see.
Big Z,:shock:

what a shame!!! I was in Smithsonian last year in March but didn´t know they have the Ta-152 there. Was it big problem to go in the restoration room? Did you have to ask for some special permission? When do they want to finish this restoration? The engine is original or form another machine? I´m in touch with Willi Reschke, he will love this pictures, as Erich said...

Roman yes please send copies to Willi. He will love them that is a fact. Last I heard was that Aviation artist and friend Jerry Crandall who painted the TA 152H Stabschwarm/JG 301 was working closely with the NASM staff to get the proper colorations for the re-paint of this fine bird. All I can say is good luck to them all and what a day it will be when the A/C is finally presented again to the general public.

Erich ~ 8)
My contact had a friend on the restoration staff. I peronally have not seen it the flesh(unfortunately). Last I heard some work had been done but no date for the the start of conservation. The engine is original and their is another 152 engine still existance. The 152 is back in storage.

One day I hope too draw this plane using original drawings as reference(hopefully to the same standards as A.Bentleys). I am trying to get over 200 ta 152 drawings restored.

Some more photos of the wing.


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