Focke Wulf Ta 152H.

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MW50 is a low to medium (6-7km) altitude boost juice. GM1 is used at altitudes above that of MW50.

Also I have been told, on this board, that the 'boost juices' were only good for climbing and not top speed.

Known H a/c WNr are 150001 to 150040, 150167, 168, 169. The first 20 are H-0 a/c

When III./JG301 gave up its 152Hs, by order, in mid March to Stab JG301, it was supposed to get A-9 a/c.

Who is this Jagdflieger H D. Fritzsche? Is he a new find, for Harmann in his book does not list him as a 152 pilot.
Sorry GT, I put Nowarra in the same class as Green.

What pg, for I have that book.

I know what MW does.;) Did you know there was another system that injected fuel for the same result?
GT look at my answer on the other TA 152 trhead. Fritzche is full of bull as NO Ta flew airfield defence for Me 262's. Heinz book is dead beat and I owned it at one time and gave it away............sorry man
additional notation. In April of 45 III./JG 301 had 0 Ta 152's, they had all gone over to Geschwader Stab which had quite a few H's and some C machines. III. gruppe had the heavy Sturm A-8 and the lighter A-9 in their line-up
And again this is why I say that one can not solely base there knoledge off of what people say and what they say they know because a lot of it is myth and bull.

was he a ground mechanic ? good question but again what unit would they have defended ?..........and I mean what 262 unit . None of them were in close proximity as far as I know to JG 301.

Heinz could of been totally bluffed out by the mechanic as has happened in the past. The mechanics knew the a/c so well and even the missions better than some of the pilots. Will do a further search in my data base on this chap and see what comes up. he may have flown early altitude flights with the bird as familiarity which is what many of the III./JG 301 pilots did before they entered combat and in fact few III gruppe pilots flew on operational missions with the Ta.

Nowarra's 190 book has many errors, just like Green's books have. An example of Nowarra's is on pg 152 where he says the bombs are SC50s when they are in fact ZC50 bombs. It is not a typing error as he says it again in another photo caption.

I keep it around as it is filled with interesting photos and info but I always double check what he says. Much has come to light since he was published. Just don't take what he says as gospel.
ah Pierre Closterman and another pilot with fantaies. Rudi Wurff who was a pilot with several victories nearly shot Pierre out of the skies as he knocked off Pierre's wingman. Rudi made it through the war and was never shot down. Pierre also claims that Rudi alone shot down 4 Temepests in one action.........ah no

Pierre also gets coverage in our book towards the end as he and his wingman were flying over northern Germany and again Pierre loses another wingman but not to 2cm flak in which he thought but to another very fast German machine. It will be covered in detail in our book
boy my spelling sucks............... :(

Doras were not used in 1/2 the staffels as it was still a new bird. I do beleive I gave the units in another thread that operated the Fw 190D.

JG 2 was completely outfitted with them, IV./JG 26 and several other staffeln of JG 26 had them. 5-7th staffels in JG 301. Stab of JG 4. IV./JG 3 stab and one staffel of IV./JG 3 also equipped. 5-6 in the JV 44 Galland circus.

Still the unknown of JG 301 clims then that possibly Doras were used for airfield defence. Can tell you he never would of know about the JV 44 puny unit till much later after the war. Ah memories ow they falter after so many years.

Rudi Wurff shot down Clostermann's wingman on 21 April 1945 as his 3rd and last victory.

Fritzschke if he was a pilot in JG 301 scored a big fat 0, as he is not listed. As I said earlier the Ta's flew maybe 1-2 escort missions for the II./JG 301 Doras, NO Me 262 flights. Personally I don't think this man existed and I know for fact that Clostermann is a great story teller. In many historical circles the man is noted as such.

Erich ♪
have no clue. If indeed the pic represents the a/c he shot down it is not a JG 301 a/c as it would of had a yellow/red rumpfband by the tail

JG 6 flew some Doras and they were not well marked. The problem with clostermanns books is that his operations are so fouled up none can tell what is true or not. given his fantasy about nailing a German port close to wars end and blasiting numerous floatplanes is just palin ridiculous as on the given date and with the proper research there were no float planes in the area. all had been previously sent to the Ost front for evacuation and in support of the last defensive battles there.....

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