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May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
Phantom of the Ruhr with 31 ops so far. After she had her 32nd she changed bomb groups but still kept the nose art. She flew 121 missions !

Lanc did not know if you had this very cool pic in your collection yet ?

enjoy everyone


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no i didn't have this picture, i don't have many of nose art (not that there's a huge ammount of it on lancs, save the more famous examples), that's very interesting, also from the looks of it when that pic was taken she's long past 31 ops, i'm guessing that was EE139's days with 550sqn?
Here's some more nose art for you Lanc, Aussie style. Can't remember which site I got them from. No doubt you've probably already got em though!


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This Lancaster (300 - Polish BS) has 49 missions marked on its fuselage. It was quite a thing for an aircraft to survive that many. Unfortunately, it was probably lost on its fiftieth.


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Heres a few more nose art pics that I Came across while trying to trace a friends brother in law.
Anthony Willis who flew lancs with RAAF 460 sqaudron, his record shows 47 missions 27 in Wellingtons.
On his first tour in 1942 and 20 in Lancasters in 1944 on his second not bad going.
He got the DFM but on his second tour his aircraft got serverly shot up and he lost half his crew which effected him badly he died in 1950 aged 34.


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Erich said:
or is a poor gardening craft shot down by I./NJG 3 in 1945

unlikely, on account of the fact that is, in the lancaster world atleast, the quite famous W4318 PM-C of 108Sqn, why is she famous? she took numerous flack hits on a raid to La Spezia in italy on the night of 13/14 April 1943, after running out of fuel the skipper, Sergeant John Stoneman, managed to put her down in the channel, and it's the fact that this lanc managed to stay afloat for 33 hours that makes it quite remarkable as most planes sink like stones, it's believed she outfloated all other ditched lancs. An attempt was made to tow her the 50 miles back to Falmouth but one of the tugs collided with the tail of the lanc, causing her to sink..........

great pics otherwise guys..........

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