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Jun 19, 2005
Hi !!!
As you can see I've remembered about you but I haven't had any time to make something for you .There is the first project of your siggy.
What do you think?


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Great work Wurger, you're definitely heading the right way, I like it ! :thumbright:

Btw, I've never seen that painting of the Ta-152H before, where did you get that ?
I am going to use it right away :)
Thanks for the reference Wurger.

PS: I already resized the signature myself :)
My second attempt to your siggy.


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That one is great as-well - the top one being the best.

However, what happened to cross on the Ta152's side ?

Btw, is it possible to get the "Green 9" on the side as-well ? And how will it look with red instead of blue writing ?

Hi Soren !!!
There are new attempts to your siggy according to your suggestion.I hope they were as you've desired.

PS. You've asked me about the cross on the Ta-152's side.There is a colour profile of Ta 152H in the book I've mentioned earlier.The description says that this plane was flown by Ofw.Willi Reschke at Alteno airfield in April 1945.The profile presents Ta 152H-1 " yellow 1" from 7./JG301.The upper part of the cross was covered by the green camo.Because I haven't found any pics or profiles of "yellow 4"( "the green 4" had different camo and a white spiral on its spiner) I've made some corrections to make the plane closer to prototype.Maybe I shouldn't.That is all in the matter.I hope it could be acceptable by you and you haven't taken offence.


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Absolutely excellent Wurger, I like them all, the middle one especially :thumbright:

And you're right about the cross on Yellow 1, something which I was totally unaware of.

Oh and Wurger, don't ever worry about me taking offense over anything like that, I'm just grateful that you even care to do this for me :)
So I'm very glad you like the signs.Take them and use whenever and everywhere you want.I try to make once more but I have had no idea yet.I'll let you know, if I hit on something.
:D :D :D :D :D :D
Wurger/Soren you may want a second look at the prop/spinner of Yellow-green 9. the colour is actually Schwarz-grun with a white spiralschnauze. the spinner appears almost black not bright green.
Hi !!!
I've taken Erich's words into my consideration.Hawever,in the book about JG301 the colour profile of "green 9" shows the light green spinner.The green paint is the same like the colour of the number.Therefore ,the spinner in the pic is light green.I've changed this one but to be honest I prefere the previuos painting.I've tried some different shades of Schwarzgrun colour( from light to dark) and the result of using the dark one wasn't good.So there are effects of this.What do you think?


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Würger the profile is incorrect

look at the very first pic that Soren put in this thread painted by friend Jerry Crandall back in 1992, the painting was worked closely with aces Walter Loos and W. Reschke and the spinner is the correct black-green that you see, I proudly have hung this monumetal work over my huge oak PC desk and cabinets and actually was in on the background with JC on this very painting

Yes Erich ,I entirely agree with you.I don't think that the camo of the JG301 aircrafts could be different from the rest of Luftwaffe figters in that time.However,it is very difficult to say what colour was used having the black-white photo only.I don't know why an author of the profile used light-green but for sure he was wrong.I've made the correction of the spinner. And what about this now?
Nice work Wurger, it just needs to be abit darker and its there :)

Perhaps this profile can help you:


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