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Just a little attempt at something different...


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Dont know if its just me, but the plain white background is just plain horrendous...

The intention is also that the white background is to be transparant - I just don't know how to do this, otherwise the one I made on my own would've been like that.


The sig looks great, no need for any changes (except if there are any historical in-accuracies about the a/c ofcourse), all that needs to be done is make the background transparent.
Ok, thanks Gnomey :)

I actually think Wurger already told me this, I just didn't get it :oops:
Thanks Evangilder ! :D

Do you think you could prevent some of the canopy disappearing ? That'd be super :)
Thanks for the new sig Wurger, its excellent ! And the best part is I actually had a small part in "designing" it myself :D
There the third attempt to .They are a gif. files so I hope they look much better.I've made one of them a bit darker then the second.
What now about them?


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Very nice ! Yeah they're cleaner, thanks :)
Trying some new ones...


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Does anyone like my new sig ? Or should it be the one where the Scharfschütze is aiming directly at you ?

Changed back my avatar because I thought it didn't look right - besides I love the my current one :)
Hallo Sorren,
I like the marksman's siggy :).But the letters are a bit small.I know I have troubles with my sight but even using glasses I wasn't able to read over this sign.Maybe you should make them bigger,think about it,please.

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