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the gruppe bar is skeptical and may have been red in this case according to the original pic. yellow or green 1 the original photo is very small indeed, and again this was before the spiralschnauze was applied. all indications is that a funny looking horizontal bar was worn through out JG 301 craft and not just II. gruppe, the Bar was not worn all the time and that is clear on the II./JG 301 Dora 9's , none of the photos I have seen of those nice looking birds wear the second gruppe bar symbol. to tell you all the truth the camo and markings on JG 301 a/c are not typical of other Luftwaffe day time units. Remember that much of this unit in it's origins was made up of ex-bomber crew personell and it still was fed with those as well as recon pilots even late war, thus .............
And now?


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I am confident the bar was Yellow, as it looks allot like that from the original picture.


Just abit more of a shimmering effect to the spinner and a more gentle transition from black to dark green at the radiator, and its there :)
And now?


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Certainly !

Here you are.
In the scecond siggy I've made a colour of the spinner the same like in the first one.It has been made more dark earlier.


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Excellent Wurger, thank you :)
Hi !!!
The last attempt to your siggy.What is your opinion?


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A project of the new siggy.


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Unfortunately,I was given by Soren with this pic only which is a bit small.I've made the one bigger to have my work much more confortable.But you are right I have to work on its quality.
Absolutely awesome ! However is the white background "see-through" once used as a siggy ?

Guess not, but if that can be done then its perfect ! :)

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