For the OLD Furts....remember?

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When you double the HP in a Fiat 500, you still only had about 40 hp. But it was a light car.

I , and two other guys was in a wreck in one of those Renault Dauphines in the early 60s. I remember us upside down in a ditch, and then the windshield popped out in one piece. Nobody injured beyond bruises and cuts. We turned it right side up, wedged the windshield back in and drove it home. The driver had to think up some fantastic lie to explain to his brother how it all was not his fault.
I remember the FIAT 500 very well, and saw a couple of the FIAT Arbarths racing.
Back in about 1971, my then girl friend had a '500, but she hadn't, at that time, passed her driving test. I used to take her out in it now and then, in the summer. It had a full 'Webasto' sun roof, which rolled back, and was a great help, as I could sit on a cushion, with the top of my head out of the roof - a darned sight more comfortable than being hunched over when driving !
There was also one in my neighbourhood which was used for delivering small vegetables to local businesses. It was painted silver overall, with screw heads painted at corners and panel joints. There was a large key, made from plywood, protruding from the rear engine cover, which turned as it drove along - hilarious !
speaking of radios...anyone remember building a crystal set? didn't need had to use ear phones and the once piece was a toilet paper roll wrapped with thin copper wire...

I remember drs making house calls...and getting a vaccination where he would stab your shoulder with a needle laced with a virus. it left a scar. also remember standing in line at the high school to get a sugar cube with a pink dab of something for either TB or polo...
I remember all that stuff Bobbysocks. Still have my scar from "the shot". Ha, I had forgotten about the sugar cube with the pink dab on it until you mentioned it. And of course, we blindly took it. It could have been horse pee laced small pox for all we knew, but it was on a sugar cube so it had to be good for us. Besides, the government and school officials would never deceive us about anything. :crazy:
I had a teacher in 6th grade who was a great person. She was one of those people you never forget because of their character: bright, intelligent, patient - a phenomenal educator.

She also hid her devastating pain well, even though her leg braces gave away the fact that she had been ravaged by Polio as a child.
Electrical teacher....Grade 10, 1972. Buddy was lipping him off before Home Room, Teacher had a hammer in his hand. He proceeded to turn the hammer around and nailed buddy right between the eyes with the handle, hard enough that you could hear it hit the skull. Home Room attendance was then taken. Nothing was said and we all laughed about it after school
I graduated in 1965, the paddle as a instrument of punishment was still used in the lower grades at that time.
I remember some of the custom made paddles the teachers had.
One teacher had a paddle that appeared to be made from a whittled down 2x4. Tape over the handle and shallow holes drilled in the business end. The holes were supposed to raise blisters on your butt. Mr Meade, a WW2 Army veteran had that , he called it the "board of education ".

There was a legend that the principal had a "electric paddle". We all dreaded that, nobody who you could believe had ever actually seen it.
remember those paddings all too well. we had a gym teacher, Mr Snidker...the lady teachers knew they didn't have the arm strength ( or the deep desire ) to sufficiently give a grown boy a good whack with a paddle so they would send them to see Mr Snidker. the degree of your crime legislated the degree of the swat and since he was also the baseball coach you got a single, double, triple, or the words you NEVER wanted to hear...a home run. the toughest guys in the school would be sobbing like crazy...and that is BEFORE he even picked up the paddle.
In my grade school days the rubber strap was used on the palms of your hands. The number of whacks depended on the misdemeanor and your sex. The worst was being sent to the principal who alternated between hands and spoke a few words between each whack. He also pulled your sleeve down before each hit.
We called getting a whipping "getting licks". In middle school there were two teachers you did NOT want to get licks from. Coach Epperson and Mrs. Wynne. Mrs. Wynne was an older lady and new kids to the school were not scared of her in the least, but what they soon found out was she played tennis and racket ball daily and had a hell of a swing. So who were the two people I got licks from? Yep, Coach Epperson and Mrs. Wynne.

You can bet your butt I didn't cross them again. But truth be told, I think they really took it easy on me because in middle school I was very small. I mean all the girls were bigger than me. I didn't hit the growth spurt until 10th grade.

Principle Brown also had a scary looking paddle hanging on his wall. It was also called board of education. It had holes in it and jagged notched cut out of the sides to make it look like a hand saw. But it was only for fear and he never used it. He just used a simple paddle.
we had the Yard Stick a 3 foot long 3 inch wide Black board Ruler...a whack across the Butt when you crossed the line.....did that one day and then got in more trouble when it broke in half after getting whacked on my backside...
I remember we used to get milk delivered to the house in glass quarts. You would leave the empties at the door with the money for the next delivery inside. Try that now-a-days without getting your money stolen.

Once you got the fresh milk, there was a foil top holding on a paper lid. When you took the lid off, it was a fight who got to lick off the butter that formed there.

The milk truck driver, if you asked nicely, would give you a block of ice from the truck on hot days that you would lick to keep cool.
I remember one of the boys thought of a swell idea to spread the impact.
He stuffed a notebook down the back of his pants.
But the teacher noticed something didn't look quite right about the target area., he made him pull it out.
And added a few more to the total of hits, plus they might have had a little more muscle in them than normal too.
When I was young my parents used to get Charles Chips delivered! They came in a truck and left a metal can on your doorstep. Those must have been some chips!
I remember those! they had chips, pretzels and cookies later on...I bet there is still an old tin down in my parents basement ( minus the chip of course ). but you saying that reminded me on what I was going to post but forgot... we had a lot of "to your door" salesmen. there was the Fuller Brush man....but also Jewel Tea company used to come by. it was like walmart in the back of a truck. he would stop by once a week and deliver the stuff the following. I still have a set of cups from them....
We had a coach in high school with a paddle which had holes drilled all of the way through to cut wind resistance. If you were caught "horsing around", it would come out. The command was bend over, grab your ankles, and wham!!!!!!!!!!!!! One or two swats to bare a$$ cheeks.Red butt with white polka dots. Never got that because of the example set by those who did catch it.

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