French/German Mystery Ship?

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Aug 4, 2006
When in France in 1961-63 i saw in a museum a WW2-era 2 seater open cockpit radial engine bipe. The gunner had 2 coaxial MGs. The museum had no specific info but that it was supposedly German pressed into FFI service in 1944 (rondels added).

I admit the description is sketchy. I can find no pictures online that match, hardly any pics of French recon types at all. Any clues? Maybe it was a French type that the Germans captured then reverted to French service.

Pics of fighters bombers are everywhere but the recces such seem mostly sorely neglected.
Must be a number of contenders.

Arado Ar66b, though designed as a trainer.
Dornier Do22
Heinkel He114
Heinkel He60
Heinkel He59 (2 engines)

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