Future of kit building?

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
Although Im reassured by the presence of young people on here like myself,
I do often wonder whether the hobby is as strong as it used to be or if will be again.

Is there enough new blood to carry the hobby on?

peoples thoughts?
I think its making a slight comeback here in the States but I tell, I was shocked at prices after being away for 25 years. That is what is killing it. I remember being able to buy a 1/32 or 1/35 tank or vehicle for about $3 or $4 as a kid, just what I made mowing lawns or allowance. Now adays its $40 or $50 or more for the same model!

Trying to get my kids involved and I hear:

Is it snap on?
Is it Yu-Gi-Oh?
Is it painted already?
But I want Pokemon Diamond with my money!

But theres hope. The kids are at my house the next few weeks and they're bored. Watchin me build a Hellcat the other day, my youngest wanted to try. So I pulled out the P-51 1/48 I bought him for Christmas and over 2 days we built it together. I pulled down my books to show color schemes and told him about the plane. It was great. Plane looks pretty bad, show-wise, but I love it!
I agree with Njaco the prices kill it.Certainly the models changed also a bit.They are better quality,many new additional things that make building easier than it was in the past.However, modelling is not an assembling of plastic kit only.There are other ways to make a good model.Although the plastic kits become more and more popular in Poland there is a group of kids which is interested in scratch-building models.A month ago I was asked for being a referee at a small regional competition for kids.Their models were made of paper and taking their age into consideration ( 7-13 years old) I must tell you they were quite good.Besides,I've been often asked by young people in what way they could do this or that. So I think that there is new blood to carry the hobby on but they have to be encouraged by elder modellers in as early age as it's possible.
A lot of people said that Airfix's demise was due to kids not taking up the hobby, but personally I tihnk it's more to do with their kits staying the same whilst Revell, Hasegawa et all upped their quality considerably. Let's not forget model kits aren't just about WW2 aircraft; kids will always be interested in sports cars, racing cars and film tie-ins, of which there are plenty of kits available. There does seem to have been a resurgence of interesting in all things World War 2 in the last few years, so hopefully this will rub off onto kit sales
IMHO it will never be as popular as when I was a kid. Today there is so much variety for kids that it's hard for these traditional hobbies to keep up. I never had PCs , internet, playstations, gameboys, DVDs to keep me occupied as a kid. Also the Warhammer scene has poached a lot of potential WWII hobbiers away.

Having said that I do feel a slight resurgence, I think on the back of some blockbuster WWII movies in the past 10years.

I agree that the price is killing it...

I can remember a few years ago (and I'm not so old), being able to buy a 1/48 model kit for less than $20.00 CND. Now you're lucky if you can get the same kit for less than $50.00 CND.
Price is a huge factor...........having said that I don't invest money in PC's or game consoles so I can afford it.

Francis is right about Warhammer where there isnt a decent hobby shop nearby ( i go to a games shop that has a small amount of kits) there is a dedicated warhammer shop. Most of those guys don't even look at the plastic kits which is extremely suprising.

I wonder if the people who make medal of honour ( is that right?)
ever consider selling the games with a kit as a bonus or something.
I think the selling of kits at big chain stores would be a good start, my local main shopping centre had them hidden away in a corner and I got some absolute bargains but now no more :(

On a flipside with diecast planes being popular now maybe that they grab some new modellers.....
When I was a boy..(don't you hate it when old people start with that?!) Airfix models were available just about anywhere, even the local newsagent of a small country town in NSW. 1/72 scale were 69c. Today you need to find a 'specialised model shop', and possess a healthy credit card to purchase kits. I tried to get my kids interested once, but they just laughed. Internet, BeBo, X-Box, Playstation have all contributed to modelings demise.

Mind you, my modeling skills were so bad my brother and I use to hang them by string from the 'Hills Hoist' clothes line, set it in motion, and blast them with the Daisy air-rifle.

My old mans from England and on bonfire night and others he would see kids stick fire crackers into poor unsuspecting airfix bombers!

Your right the new games and internet have killed it to a degree, but then its what the child is exposed to. I only got the internet about 2 years ago before i was lucky enough to be into the models.
There has seemed to have been a resurgence, what with a lot of newer, better kits still being produced. I almost bought myself a 1:24 Dora, but I balked at the steep $130 price tag. I have no doubt that it is a superb kit, and I realize a LOT of planning has to go into a model, but how does one justify $130 for basically a lot of plastic in a box that comes with decals? (no offence meant to anyone here)
On a flipside with diecast planes being popular now maybe that they grab some new modellers.....[/QUOTE]

I must admit I've started collecting diecast. Some of those Dragon / Corgi / Gemini Aces 1/72 fighters are top notch. I couldn't make it as good and by the time I add up paint costs etc I wouldn't be far behind in price anyway. I think probably like myself, those modellers who don't have the time to make everything they'd like to make - decide to grab a few. I still make a few kits but I'm not in the same league as the competition guys. I don't even have a airbrush - though Im working on that!8)
I'm with Sir Frances and others here. Its getting alittle resurgence because of the recent movies, starting with SPR and along with some games, namely "Medal of Honor", Brothers In Arms" and "Call of Duty". My son started playing CoD and now is asking questions and interested. Just gave him the few tank models I had.

And as price, who wants to spend $130 on something and mess it up? I was in competion in my teens but thats 25 years ago. Never try it mow, what with detail, bad eyesight, poor lighting, etc. Reminds me of NASCAR. Used to be hopped up junkers and now they question bolt and screw sizes.

I have to admit, though, I'm guilty of the firecracker in the "Blucher" bit when younger. :oops:
I agree with what everyone else has said about prices. My first model was a Dr1 my Dad bought me when I was 8 (that was back in 1958 AD by the way) and I started to buy my own models around 1964. Almost all my kits were 1/48 and 1/32 because they were easier to add extra details to and back then you had to figure out how to do extras. There weren't any cockpit detail kits or seat belt/shoulder harness add ons. Even the reference books weren't as good as they are now except maybe for the old Profile Series which I'll take with me to the grave. This is something else I believe contributed to modellings "ratings slip". I think one of the reasons we all got into the hobby is because it was a challenge. "How can I take this kit and make it special? How can I make it a real competitor?" Right? The new kits are super detailed marvels but has some of the challenge been lost? What does everyone else think?
I dunno whether the 'challenge' has been lost as such. The new kits are superb in mouldings and the level of standard in competitions now are quite amazing. So i guess the level of 'detail' has been made harder than the actual construction.

Theres another thing a lot of people lack today and satisfaction from doing things themselves, everythings bought or pre packaged and has no connection to the person.
Regarding Airfix, I was told by my local model shop that they have been brought out by a far Eastern firm, who have restarted production. I have certainly noticed more kits on the shelf recently, but a lot of these seem to be in older boxes so could just be old stock?
I got a few Airfix 1/72 a few years ago. Didn't know they were gone.

And for modeling this is what I think is killing it. I know I posted earlier but gonna simplify.

1. Prices

2. Instant Gratification factor.

I love loads of detail and will go for a kit that has it but not if I have to take a mortgage out on it.
So guys, do you think more people are buying diecast models because they are already made, because they don't want to be bother with making kitset ones?

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