GB-46 1/72 IL-2 - WW2 Eastern Front / Twin Engine A/C, Transports and Gliders

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Apr 26, 2005
Username: nsmekanik
First name: Tim
Category: intermediate
Manufacturer: Academy
Model: IL-2 single seat
Scale: 1/72





Not sure just yet which decal option I'm going to do.
Cool. Is that a Hungarian version showing at the bottom of the instructions?

Cool Tim. I should do one!
Certainly, and I should finish off my AM one.........I kinda lost interest after the Pilawskii fiasco, who's book I happen to have along with a pile of WEM paints.



Apparently the interiors weren't some garish green color after all, kinda disappointing to find that out after you are finished putting that much together.

Just a heads up, the cannon opening on the right wing does not line up, the annoying other reason I put it back in the box, left wing is ok though.


oh, and then there is this minor aggravation along with the rudder mass balance

I just discovered that almost all of my Akan Acrylics dried up, and some of them weren't even opened, mind you they are around 15 years old, so I ordered up a bunch of his lacquers, which I hear spray rather nicely.
This is the scheme I'm shooting for, both white 19 and red 8 are actually on the decal sheet. This was taken at Lenningrad in or around late October 1941.



The problem with the Academy kit is that cannot accurately build any model single seater out of the box. that's not to say that one can't throw whatever decals on it and call it good, but if you do want to build a particular machine correctly, then, no. You either have to fill in all the panel lines at the rear of the fuselage, modify the wings putting the cannons inboard of the MG's, or, as in the case of 19 and 8, both.

Fortunately Massimo of Soviet Warplanes Has kindly supplied me with some drawings.


While A-14 grey is suggested for Soviet cockpits during WWII, to me it's like suggesting apple green for American cockpits of the same period, a little digging reveals that such may not necessarily be the case. From my own perspective is that once production was ramped up the use of A-14 was more likely the exception rather then the rule. This is from a Pe-2

Downed in 1944 Pe-2 seat.JPG

And from an, if I recall correctly, IL-2 Arrow
Landing gear door.jpg

And then from an early single seat built not long after white 19, albiet with the later metal wings, most likely in the same plant.
IL-2 early 2.JPG

IL-2 early 3.JPG

There is enough green lingering in the pics to convince me that the yellowishness is due to paint degradation and photography.

According to what I've read, ALG-5 ranges from yellow to orange and is the soviet version of Zinc Chromate, by mixing Tamiya Zinc chromate with Neutral Grey one can get to a color loosely similar to whats n the pic, and so my theory is that in order to speed up production Alg-5 was mixed with A-14 and done, so that's what I'm going with.

And we're off.............the first modification is the armor plate behind the cockpit, on the early early models, and likely 19, rather then a plate with 2 small viewing windows there was a full window so the part in the kit was sanded down to remove the raised detail and then masked off and primered in black. Next the rear fuselage panel lines were filled.


Still playing with the color a bit but close.
My AM kit actually calls up grey/green for the cockpit which I took to mean similar to the RAF colour. If your second pic is indeed from an Arrow then it's pretty close.
Time for a bit of an update, getting things all painted up



Test fitting the cockpit with the full tank set in place showed that the sides of the fuselage were touching the tank so these were trimmed back


The fit was also a bit tight so the front of the floor was sanded back a bit as well the bottom of the fuselage was trimmed back where the red circles are, and I decided to thin all the side wall for a better appearance.


And with the canopy's set in place

next up seat belts

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